The 8 Best DSLR Tripod 2019 – The Best My Travel Tripod

People who want to buy it for the best profile pictures. However, buying the best tripods for DSLR cameras can help you to procure quality pictures. Moreover, the best tripod for DSLR can help to level up your photography game. How? The answer is by providing stability and support to execute the marvelous piece of art. Also, they shall help the photographer to portray the work as it as the photographer has in his mind.

To make it easy for you in selecting the best camera tripod according to your work, we have enlisted some of the best DSLR tripods.





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K&F Concept 62'' DSLR Tripod

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Best Selling DSLR Tripod 2018

The BC Master Camera Tripod DSLR is one of the best selling tripods in 2018. With 75-inches tall height, it comes with a carrying bag and portable Aluminum Alloy TA333. Also, it has several other characteristics which make it the best affordable tripod for DSLR. The characteristics are enlisted below.

  • It comes with the 360 –degree ball head. Through this, the tripod can help to move the camera virtually at any angle.
  • The tripod has the option to lower the angle by inverting the central axis. Even at the rugged floor, it provides easement by setting the legs at different angles.
  • In addition to that, the sturdy quality in this tripod comes due to its feature of adding weight at column hook. Moreover, it is the best lightweight tripod made of magnesium and aluminum.
  • Moreover, the best thing about this tripod is that it comes with a carrying bag.

BC Master Camera Tripod DSLR

"I bought this to replace a cheap tripod ive had for years. The ease of use is great. I don't use this much for photo shoots, I mainly use this to support a laser level for household projects - hanging multiple photos in an organized fashion, plumbing and spacing walls and other fixtures and this tripod works perfectly for that and gets up to the height I need."

Best Traveling Tripod for DSLR Cameras

The JOBY Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom Tripod always comes in handy when it comes to shooting outdoors. The reason is the flexibility it attains which can be considered the best feature. This best camera tripod has flexible legs allows you to mend them according to the object you want to stick it on. It can be categorized as the best tripod for travel with the weight of only 3 KGs. There are more characteristics to it which are enlisted below.

  • It has the tendency to stand strong holding camera of up to 6.6 lbs. Due to its ability to wrap around objects, it has a great rate of stability.
  • As this tripod comes with a ball head it has the tendency of pan 360-degrees. This capability shall endure the best quality images.
  • JOBY Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom has the ability to work at ground level with great perspective. The stability and quality of the image do not get affected at all.
  • Moreover, its composition includes; Japanese medical-grade ABS plastic stainless steel and German TPE. Tripod with such composition is durable and can bear the wear and tear of everyday life.

JOBY Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom

"I HIGHLY recommend getting the optional ballhead. The nice part about the ballhead is you can use it on multiple different tripods - it is very nicely made as well and works with all Joby GorillaPods."

Best DSLR Video Tripod: Best DSLR tripod

The K&F Concept 62” DSVideoLR Tripod is the best DSLR video tripods of 2018. The customers’ reviews have been great regarding is functional features. The best feature is it comes with the ball head quick release plate for travel and work. The other features are enlisted below.

  • It is the best lightweight tripod which weighs only 2.99lbs including the 360-degrees panorama ball head. Moreover, its height is only 18.1” which can be the best aspect for easy traveling.
  • This best DSLR tripod comes with the strong quick flip leg lock. This lock can be opened or closed using one hand only. So, with such feature, the photographer can save time and be more focused on the shooting.
  • Also, the maximum height of this tripod Is 52.4” without center column which combines the portability and practical factors.

K&F Concept 62'' DSLR Tripod: Best DSLR tripod

"For a professional amateur photographer, this is a great tripod/monopod. I can set up the tripod in less then 10 seconds and start shooting pictures or video. It works well, is stable and lightweight without being flimsy, and locks into position as it is supposed to. It is easily and fits in the great quality bag.

Best Budget Tripod of 2018

The Dolica tripod is the most affordable tripod which costs only $51.99. It comes under the category of best tripod under 100. The best part about this tripod is that it is composed of Aluminium. Moreover, its height is 60-Inches tall and with a combo of a ball head for DSLR. The other characteristics of this magnificent tripod are enlisted below.

  • Due to its center column, it has rapid stability.
  • It provides the easement of strong quick flip locks.
  • Moreover, it has the best option of a reversible locking center column.
  • Most importantly, it has 3-position leg angle adjustments locks.

Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series

"I love this tripod, which replaces an aluminum Bogen that I've had for years. The tripod sets up quickly, and unlike the experience of another reviewer, mine is perfectly level when the legs are at full extension. There were no flaws, no loose screws, and this is an unbelievably versatile tripod compared to what I had before."

Best LightWeight Heavy Duty Tripod for DSLR

If the photographer is looking for a lightweight heavy duty portable tripod then Zomei is the answer. This magnesium aluminum composed tripod comes with quick release plate ball head. Most importantly it has an additional product i.e. a carrying bad to make the traveling easier.  It is the best budget tripod which costs only $104.99. The features of this phenomenal tripod are;

  • It is compact with its leg to be inverted or folded back at 180 degrees. Moreover the compact size of 18” can help you to save space in the luggage.
  • Moreover, this tripod comes with the column hook helping to add weight at the center. This helps to make the tripod more stable.
  • This tripod has easy set up with the help of quick release mounting plate. The three leg angle positions have the flexibility enabling the shooting to be more convenient at rough surfaces.
  • Anodic oxidation processed &anti-corrosion Magnesium and aluminum alloy tube helps in indoor and outdoor shoots. This tripod is best for traveling and outdoor shoots.

ZoMei Z818 Tripod

"I ordered this tripod to replace old one. My old tripod is not working well after being used for many years. This tripod was well packed and delivered intact, it's thoughtful and convenient that it came with a carrying bag."

Affordable Tripod for DSLR Cameras 

What else can be the best than a portable DSLR camera Tripod? Nothing I guess. That is why Albott 70” is considered the best DSLR tripod around the globe.  Moreover, the cherry on the top comes in the situation when this tripod comes with a flexible head. This head is best suitable for Canon DSLR. This is definitely not it, this tripod has several other features.

  • The tripod weighs only 3.32 lbs and has the capacity to bear weight up to 8.8 lbs.
  • Moreover, the height range is up to 21”-70” with adjustable center columns which can be converted to 5- section monopod. This monopod has the height range of 18”-65”.
  • The head provides 3-way flexible tilt and swivels motion. Along with that, the panorama motion of 360-degrees is also available.
  • With quick release plate, this tripod is most compatible tripod for digital cameras.
  • Moreover, this tripod comes with flip locks for leg height adjustments. Also, a carrying bag and a gift box are included.

Albott 70" Travel Portable DSLR Camera Tripod

""Excellent tripod for the price. Monopod is very useful as well. Strong and sturdy. Before this I had another tripod which was bit cheaper (bought from Amazon) which was really shaky. Compared to that this is really strong. 70" height helps quite a bit when you have to clear a crowded room or get stage performances."

Best Affordable Lightweight Tripod

Looking for a lightweight camera tripod? Well ASHOW tripod is the best option. This best DSLR tripod is composed of Aluminium. It comes with quick release plate head which can be used as a mobile phone tripod as well. The other important features are enlisted below.

  • This lightweight tripod is made of Aluminium alloy and has the capacity to hold up weight up to 8.81lbs. Moreover, this compatible tripod is sturdy despite being lightweight and best for DSLR video cameras.
  • The best feature is to enable reversing shoot. With the tendency of rotating up to 180-degrees, it helps the photographer to be creative.
  • The ball head which comes along the tripod has the ability to rotate at any angle (360-degrees).
  • Moreover, weighing only 2.2 lbs this tripod is best for outdoor shoots and traveling. Due to its portability, the users tend to go for it even more and the reviews are positive.

ASHOW Tripod

"I've been wanting a tripod for the last 2 years and kept putting it off. I am super thrilled with this tripod. It's fully adjustable, sturdy easy to set up and comes with a nice storage bag."

Best Cheap Tripod for DSLR Camera

If the photographer is a beginner and wants to explore is ability but does not want to spend too much then this tripod is best suitable for him. The inner teck tripod is the best DSLR tripod. Not only this, it is the best cheap tripod which costs only $49.99. However, the features for which it is known for are enlisted below.

  • It is most portable tripod weighing only 3.63 lbs with the load capacity of 8.8 lbs. A carrying bag comes along with it which makes it, even more, desiring for travelers.
  • This tripod comes with a 3-way flexible ball pan head with the tilting motion for precise framing.
  • Although its lightweight but this tripod is highly stable and comes with a central column hook. This hook enables in hanging additional accessories or weight.
  • With flip locks and 4-sectioned aluminum alloy legs, this tripod is highly adjustable according to the need.
  • It has the wide range of application including the camcorder, GoPro devices, binoculars, telescope, DSLR cameras, VR lenses, smartphones etc.

Inner Teck Tripod

"I didn't want to spend big money for an expensive tripod, I just wanted something better than I had at a decent price, this was it! THIS TRIPOD ROCKS!!! Sturdy enough for what I need it for, and it is very quick to set up. Very cool indeed!"


The high-quality images are much appreciated these days. However, this definitely does not mean that the quality cannot be attained by clicking images through holding cameras in hands. But not to take any chance with your hard work, the photographer must go for the best DSLR tripod. This not only helps in attaining the best quality but also minimizes the extra efforts to be made. Moreover, these tripods come always handy while traveling and what if no one is there to take your picture with the beautiful view? Therefore, these tripods are must take while traveling.

However, many would be wondering what kind of tripod they should go for then? The problem has been solved as we have enlisted the best DSLR tripod only for you.

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