The 6 Best Cheap Tripods for DSLR Camera-My Travel Tripod

If you own a DSLR camera and want to take your photography to a whole new level then buying tripod would be necessary. To reduce the unnecessary blurs from the images tripods and monopods can be useful. However, it is much preferred to get to know this accessory first.

For that, we bring you the list of the Best Cheap Tripods For DSLR Camera. Now, most of you would be wondering why the cheap tripods?

Well, many of you would be beginners and for them, it is necessary to learn things first. And when it comes to learning the budget is always tight. So, it is better to go for budget-friendly tripods.

Here some of the best affordable tripods for DSLR camera are enlisted.

Best Budget Tripod under $50

The DIGIANT 50 Inch Aluminum Camera Phone Tripods is one of the best budget tripods costing only $10.99. It has the best characteristic of being compatible with smartphones and digital cameras. However, other characteristics are much more interesting and are enlisted below.

  • It has the height of 50” with the capacity to hold up weight up to 1 KG
  • Moreover, it is lightweight and compact making it the best traveling tripod.
  • The smartphone mount stretches from 1.8 to 3.5”.
  • The best thing is that it comes with a carrying bag.

DIGIANT 50 Inch Aluminum Camera Phone

"The tripod part is good, and the phone mount is works as advertised."

Best Tripod for DSLR Camera

The Flexible Lightweight Portable Tripod for Projector DSLR Cameras is one of the finest tripods. The customers are amazed by its durability and consider it the best companion while traveling. Some of the other best features are;

  • With high flexibility, this best DSLR tripod comes with octopus-shaped legs.
  • It is light in weight and also, has the tendency to capture broader backgrounds.
  • Holds the camera stiffly making your images flawless.

Flexible Lightweight Portable Tripod for Projector DSLR Cameras

"This is a great tripod, it fit my Haier Projector perfectly and I bet it will work with almost any camera and you could buy a adapter for your phone."

Best Tripod under $20 for DSLR

The Bontend Flexible Tripod is compatible with the DSLR cameras as well as with the other smartphone devices.  With the great review from the customers, it has become the best selling tripod for DSLR. To clear your curiosity regarding its brilliance some of the characteristics are enlisted below.

  • This tripod is made of high quality and it is flexible making it more durable.
  • The best thing is that this tripod comes with the money-back guarantee, clearing the doubts regarding its quality.
  • As mentioned before, it has compatibility with smartphones, GoPro devices, and DSLR camera.

Doesn’t that make it one of the best cheap tripods for DSLR? Yes, it surely does.

Bontend Flexible Tripod

"I am very happy with this tripod! We took it on a trip out to Yosemite and it worked very well."

Best Affordable Tripod for DSLR

The Kamisafe KT-50 Mini Tabletop Tripod has been categorized as the best affordable tripod for DSLR due to following features.

  • It is a desktop tripod which makes it highly portable tripod.
  • This best DSLR tripod is composed of the magnesium-aluminum alloy which makes it a high-strength shake proof tripod.
  • Moreover, it has the holdup capacity is up to 2.7 KG.
  • The ball head that comes along with this tripod can be rotated at 360-degrees. Also, it can tilt up to 90-degrees.
  • The steadiness comes from the non-slippery rubber feet.

i was in need of a small tripod that was sturdy and that i was able to put any camera on not just a small one."

Best Camera Tripod under $100

The Albott 64 Inch Travel Tripods are phenomenal due to its composition. It is composed of aluminum making it lightweight and the best camera tripod. What makes it best are its characteristics which are enlisted as;

  • This one of the best cheap tripods for DSLR which weighs only 2.64 lbs. Its load capacity is up to 8.8 lbs.
  • Also, this 3-sectioned legs tripod’s height ranges from 22”-64”.
  • It comes with 3-way pan head with tilt and swivel motion. This provides built-in bubble levels and 360-degrees rotation.
  • Moreover, this best tripod for DSLR has a central hook which allows adding up more weight for steady shots.
  • It has a flip lock adjuster, telescopic panhandler, and central locking brace.
  • Most importantly, it comes with a carrying bag and a gift box.

Albott 64 Inch Travel Tripods

"I absolutely adore this tripod. It is so affordable and lightweight, yet able to adequately hold my Canon T5 without making me nervous. "

Best Travel Tripod in 2018: Best Cheap Tripods for DSLR

The Neewer Portable 70 inches/177 centimeters Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod has been enlisted as the best travel tripod in 2018 due to its features which are;

  • It can be converted into a monopod in no time. The monopod’s height ranges from 17”-52”.
  • Moreover, this one of the best cheap tripods comes with 4-sectioned legs which are quite easily adjustable.
  • The tripod’s height ranges from 20”-63” and comes with a 3-way panning head. It can rotate up to 360-degrees.
  • It also comes with multi-functional hooks and telescopic adjustment handle.

       Neewer Portable  Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod

"Awesome quality! I'm extremely happy with this tripod. Exactly what I wanted."


To make things easier for the beginners to select the tripod according to their budget we have enlisted the best cheap tripods for DSLR above. This will not only save money but also shall help the photographer to learn new techniques.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a budget-friendly tripod then you should definitely go through the list above.

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