Best Cheap Point and Shoot Camera – Top 10 Picks of 2019

Whether it’s an adventurous tour, a birthday party or just a small anniversary surprise to parents, you just don’t want the priceless moments fade away. You wish to cherish those moments for a lifetime and that’s rightly possible if your memories are captured with sustainable pixels and graphics.

Although smart phones are playing a vital role in this context, but they rely on image sensors that are only a fraction the size of what’s available even in a point-and-shoot camera.

The photos might look great on social media, but zoom in and you’ll see just how much detail these diminutive sensors couldn't capture. And that’s where you legit need a point and shoot camera and our amazing guide in choosing a best cheap point and shoot camera.

As smartphone cameras get better and better, point-and-shoot compact cameras are becoming a tougher sell, but there are still a few good reasons to pick one up.

A good point and shoot camera  provides you with an optical zoom lens, a better flash, and better image stabilization than you'll get on a smartphone. Plus, most point-and-shoots are fairly inexpensive, making it less of an investment and worry.

Regardless of whether you're an expert searching for a smaller option in contrast to your DSLR or mirrorless camera, or a novice hoping to improve your photography, underneath are our picks for the year's best cheap point and shoot camera.

ImageProduct NameCheck Price
Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II

Sony DSC-W800

Sony DSC-W830
Canon PowerShot ELPH 180
Canon PowerShot SX430 IS
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS30 IS
Sony DSCWX220
Canon PowerShot SX620
Sony Cyber-shot WX350
Canon PowerShot Elph 190 IS

Best Cheap Point and Shoot Camera

#1st Rated
Best Cheap Point and Shoot Camera

Sensor size: 116 sq. mm

Megapixels: 20.2

Zoom: 24-100mm

Weight: 11.3 oz.

Price: $649

Why We Like It?

Sony overawed the top-notch point and shoot market for a considerable length of time, yet Canon has emerged ready to take care of the business with a bewildering cluster of choices.

It was a truly near fiasco between the G7X Mark II and Sony RX100 for the top spot on the rundown, however at last, we gave the gesture to the Canon.

The two cameras have enormous picture sensors and comparative capabilities, yet we like the zoom scope of the Canon, which goes more extensive at 24mm rather than 28mm on the Sony (this is quite refreshing for scene photography and other wide-edge employments).

Further, the focal point is superior at the telephoto end of the spectrum (f/2.8 versus f/4.9), and the G7X Mark II has worked in Wi-Fi for simple exchange of photographs.

So, Canon Powershot is rightly our first pick for best cheap point and shoot .

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What are the shortcomings of the Canon G7 X Mark II? It doesn’t shoot 4K video like some higher-end cameras, nor does it have an electronic viewfinder (all shooting is done via the rear LCD).

And the G7 X Mark II is more expensive than the RX100 by around $280 at the time of publishing, which certainly is significant.

If you don’t need the wide-angle capability and other features, you may choose a comparatively cheap pick like one mentioned latter. But we think the Canon is the better all-around point-and-shoot for 2019, even if by a small margin.

Best Budget Point and Shoot

Sony DSC-W800

#2nd Rate

Size: 2.1 x 2 x 0.9

Megapixels: 20.1 MP

Zoom: 5X

Weight: 3.5 ounces

Price: $81

Why We Like It?

The Sony DSC-W800 is best cheap point and shoot camera under $100 and our top spending camera since it conveys great picture quality in a minimized package, measures simply 2.1 x 2 x 0.9 inches when turned off, and weighs 3.5 ounces.

 When you turn it on, the focal point telescopes out of the front, offering a 5x zoom that is sufficient to catch photographs of anyone from a distance. It shoots 20.1-megapixel pictures that are spared to an (excluded) SD card that fits close by the thin battery.

Images captured by the W800 have strong color and detail when you are shooting in bright light. It is portable enough making it the best point and shoot camera for travel along with best cheap point and shoot camera.


The 2.7-inch liquid-crystal display screen is a decent size, but looks blocky and is very hard to see in direct sunlight. The quality rapidly tumbles off as the light level drops, however; evening and indoor shots with no flash have dull shading and show grain.

In any case, $90 gets you a truly convenient camera that can shoot alluring pictures. For those searching for a wallet-friendly step up from a cellphone camera, it's the one to get.

#3rd Rated

Resolution: 20.1 MP

Zoom: 8X

Focal Length: 25-200mm

Size: 3.2x 2 x 0.9 inches

Weight: 4.2 ounces

Price: $105

Why We Like It?

Our next easy on the pocket choice is Sony DSC-W830 as the best cheap point and shoot camera 2019. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830 packs an astonishing measure of features into a little bundle, including top notch video, all-encompassing pictures and a long 8x long range focal point.

When you turn it on, the focal point telescopes out from the front into three segments, yet the assembly feels rather delicate.

The zoom control at the highest point of the camera back is little however well-set for one-gave shooting – you can zoom utilizing your thumb and still reach the shutter with your pointer to snap a picture.


The DSC-W830 also has gaps that could collect grains of sand or dirt, jamming the camera. The 2.7-inch screen on the back is clear and genuinely sharp, yet is somewhat difficult to see in direct daylight and does not have a touch screen.

Rather, you get a choice of buttons and sliding switches, for example, a three-position slider for camera, display or video-shooting mode. The images did get a little soft at the end of the zoom range.

But the W830 capture excellent images (apart from the dust), with strong color and good detail. And with such features and a reasonable price it is definitely a justifiable choice as a best cheap point and shoot camera.

#4th Rated

Sensor size: 28 sq. mm

Megapixels: 20

Zoom: 28-224mm

Weight: 4.5 oz.

Price: $119

Why We Like It?

 For a modest option in contrast to the camera on your phone, or for kids learning the specialty of photography, the Canon point and shoot can take care of business.

On paper, the specs are pretty darn good at the cost: 20 megapixels of goals, a 28-224mm zoom extend (essentially more zoom than other spending choices like the Sony DSC W800 beneath), 720p video, and a low weight of simply 4.5 ounces.

What's more, one reason this camera is so prominent is the simple to-utilize usefulness that Canon is known for. You simply point, and shoot. Such specifications in this budget are happy blow to heart and that is why we picked this cheap point and shoot digital camera as our next on the budget list.


In 2019, our fundamental issue with a camera like the ELPH 180 is that cell phones have rendered it to a great extent outdated.

With its small picture sensor and constrained optics, a modern iPhone can catch significantly better individual photographs in Portrait mode, despite the fact that the zoom on the Canon may turn out a little cleaner.

 In any case, actually numerous individuals never again need or need to convey two gadgets except if their devoted camera outflanks their telephone in some particular limit. Tragically, the Canon ELPH 180 does not, despite the fact that as referenced over, it's extraordinary for children and those on a strict spending plan.

#5th Rated

Optical Zoom: 45X

Type: Compact

Lens: 24-1080mm f/3.5-6.8

Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)

Optical Sensor Resolution: 20MP

Price: $178

Why We Like It?

A major zoom reach always used to require a major camera. The Canon Powershot SX430 IS, in any case, demonstrates this is not true anymore, offering a best-of-both-worlds arrangement.

Looking like a DSLR that has been contracted, the SX430 is much smaller in person than it appears in publicity shots; we attempted to fold multiple fingers over its handgrip. However, amazingly, regardless it figures out how to give a 45x optical zoom, beginning at a ultra-wide 24mm, which especially makes it a decent alternative for all outcomes.

It is justly our right pick for best point and shoot. You may also view Best Canon Lens for Portraits and Wedding Photography if you wish to upgrade your point and shoot camera as both are trending choice  2019. 


It's a pity that the LCD screen is fixed and that there is no EVF, yet these are inescapable trade-offs so as to accomplish its compact size (and, fortunately, a normal SD card is the media of decision here instead of the fiddly microSD).

 The focal point is somewhat noisy being used as it goes through its zoom go, and the 0.5fps burst rate implies it's not really the best decision for activity, yet regarding picture quality the camera clears itself very well for a small sensor model.

#6th Rated

Resolution: 16.1-MP

Optical Zoom: 4X

Focal Length: 25 - 100mm

Size: 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches

Weight: 5.3 ounces

Price: $109

Why We Like It?

It is the waterproof point and shoot camera made for dynamic lifestyle, the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-T530 Digital Camera is a rough camera that is waterproof, shockproof (to 1. 5m/5ft.), dust and stop confirmation (to - 10C/14F), ideal for photographs or video anyplace.

 Highlights MEGA O. I. S. that consequently makes up for obscuring brought about by hand-shake. Indeed, even slight hand-shake development is identified in a flash by a testing recurrence of 4, 000 times each second to deliver sharp, clear pictures.

 Recording dynamic MP4 HD video in 1280 x 720p begins with the straightforward push of a free picture button that enables you to change from video to photograph shooting and back again in a split second.

You may position the camera to record stationary perception for blossoms starting to sprout, scudding mists and different subjects for Time Lapse Shooting.


The pictures it captures are good, but not great: The color is rather flat and became rather noisy in low light.

Still, that's an acceptable compromise for a camera that can survive your adventures and won't bankrupt you if you drop it in raging rapids.

The device doesn't float, so make sure you use the included wrist strap, or it could end up sleeping with the fishes.

#7th Rated

Optical Zoom: 10X

Display Size: 3inches

Weight: 4.32ounces

Video Resolution:  FHD 1080P

Price: $202

Why We Like It?

Our next compact camera recommendation as a best point and shoot camera for travel is another Sony, this one offering a couple of more highlights at a marginally more expensive rate point.

 The principle center around this camera is its small physical size – some way or another this pocket-sized compact camera figures out how to fit a 10x optical zoom with picture adjustment, Wi-Fi, and NFC into a bundle weighing simply over 4oz. The image quality also receives a positive feedback from reviewers.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the smaller the camera, the lower its image quality. Whilst that’s still mainly true, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX220 does pack a hefty punch for such a slim line snapper.

You’ll be very hard-pressed to tell its photos apart from the bigger, pricier DSC-WX350 thanks to the well-resolved detail, punchy color reproduction and unobtrusive noise levels.


The camera isn't without its deficiencies however, with the most evident being the screen. In truth, at this value point you can't expect the best of everything and the screen takes care of business.

 Anyway it's as yet a pity that its confined viewing angles and unreliable contrast mean you don't get the opportunity to see your photographs in the entirety of their magnificence until you're home.

 The 210-shot battery life is nothing uncommon either, and you'll need to be somewhat watchful that the camera's self-adjust framework has found its mark because of its intermittent tendency to get confounded.

#8th Rated

Sensor: 1/2.3-inch CMOS

Resolution: 20 Megapixels

Screen: 3-inch, No Touchscreen

Zoom: 25x Optical Zoom (25-625 mm)

Video: 1080p Full HD at 60fps

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC

Price: $249

Why We Like It?

This one is a must add, reasonable and best point and shoot camera with wifi. It is best for anyone on a budget who wants something better than their smartphone to take zoomed-in shots while travelling, or at parties and events.

 The Canon PowerShot SX620 is the perfect example of what you get beyond the limited capabilities of a phone’s camera. In particular, its optical zoom of 25X is a big differentiator to capture things that are far away from you.

One must appreciate the flexibility of this amazing 25x (25–625mm) Optical Zoom for subjects both close and far. Furnished with Intelligent IS for streamlined picture adjustment, it helps catch everything from exquisite close-ups to inaccessible sights essentially sans shake, with certainty.

You would then be able to show off your photographs with implicit Wi-Fi* and NFC**, which gives you a chance to move them to your perfect gadgets and transfer to choose long range interpersonal communication destinations for your family, companions and the world to see.


It lacks a touchscreen, so it takes some time to get used to the controls. But it’s not complicated.

#9th Rated

Resolution: 18.2 MP

Optical zoom: 20X

LCD screen: 3.0 inch 460k dot

Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC

Focusing distance: 5cm minimum

Price: £229

Why We Like It?

Our last pick of the list for best point and shoot camera 2019 is the amazing Sony WX350. The WX350 has an amazingly smaller, metal body. It's a pocket able camera and isn't excessively overwhelming, in spite of lodging a 20x optical long range focal point.

To help grasp there is a vertical section on the front on the camera. The LCD is a decent size at 3 inches, goals is additionally great and it is anything but difficult to see in changing lighting conditions.

 Close by the screen are playback, motion picture record, menu and erase catches, just as a pivoting wheel which likewise goes about as a d-pad, giving speedy access to the glimmer, consistent shooting and the photograph innovative mode.

The last enables you to change the brilliance, shading, clarity and pick an image impact. The highest point of the camera has the on/off switch, zoom rocker, shade discharge and modes dial. The catches are commonly little, yet simple to press.


 There is no quick menu system or a way to quickly access your most favorite settings. But keeping in view the amazing features, such a minor drawback is not worth considering. 
#10th Rated

Resolution: 20 MP

Optical Zoom: 10X

Focal Length: 24-240mm

Size: 3.8 x 2.2 x 0.9 inches

Weight: 5.5 ounces

Price: $149

Why We Like It?

Our next cheap point and shoot camera with wifi is yet another canon point and shoot. The Elph 190 IS has an extending focal point that offers an amazing 10x zoom run, from a 24mm-comparable wide edge to a long, 240mm-equivalent telephoto.  

The zoom control is a ring around the shutter button, so it's anything but difficult to outline your shot, at that point rapidly take it without moving your hand.

This camera is one of the least expensive we have seen that incorporates Wi-Fi, which can be utilized to send pictures to a cell phone, just as to Facebook, Twitter and cloud administrations, for example, Google Drive.

It's a perfect method to back up your pictures without utilizing a laptop.


Image stabilization works quite well on the wider zoom settings, but not at the longer zoom ones. We did find that the smooth plastic case of the 190 IS was rather slippery. Its 2.7-inch LCD screen is crisp, but difficult to see in direct sunlight.

But these are mere minor drawbacks compared to its outstanding specifications, which is why it is our hot pick for best cheap point and shoot digital camera.

What to Look for when Buying a Good Point-and-Shoot Camera

While looking for a best point and shoot camera following factors should be taken into consideration:

    A budget friendly camera with necessary features is always the first priority.
  • Optical zoom
    An optical zoom is one of the fundamental motivations to invest into a compact camera over a cell phone, so clearly this is a significant component to pay special mind to! The number in the optical zoom connotes the distinction in zoom between the most zoomed out setting and the most zoomed in setting.
  • Image stabilization
    Image stabilization is a really important feature for any camera to offer, and compact cameras are no exception.
  • Aperture rating
    The aperture of a camera alludes to the size of the gap inside the focal point through which light goes through. In many cameras, this opening is variable and the camera can change the size of the gap to give pretty much light access, contingent upon the scene.
  • Sensor size
    The size of the picture sensor is straightforwardly identified with the nature of the picture the camera will create, with bigger sensors delivering better pictures. So by and large the larger the sensor, the better quality the photographs will be, particularly in lower light circumstances.
  • Manual controls
    Manual controls simply imply that you can alter the settings of the camera, and explicitly shutter speed and gap. So in the event that you need to have more authority over your settings, this might be an element you need.
  • WiFi / NFC
    Many of the camera in this guide highlight WiFi network. WiFi network isn't basic yet it is a convenient component that enables you to remotely control the camera and copy pictures from the camera to your cell phone or PC for simple sharing without utilizing the camera link or expel the memory card. NFC (Near-Field Communications) is another technology that many cameras come with. This is a very short range wireless transmission technology that makes it easy to connect two devices together, such as when you want to pair your phone to your camera. This is definitely a “nice to have” but not a necessity.
  • Battery life
    Battery life is an often overlooked component, yet one that you will begin to think about when you discover that you camera kicks the bucket after just taking 150 photographs. The battery life of smaller cameras certainly changes a great deal. It's generally appraised by number of shots the camera ought to have the option to take in "normal" conditions, in spite of the fact that what precisely these conditions are is regularly somewhat ambiguous. It's constantly worth checking on the web audits from genuine individuals to check whether anybody reports perceptibly lower battery life than that proposed by the maker.