10 Best Carbon Fiber Tripod Reviews and Comparison 2020

Before you go hunting best carbon fiber tripodLet us tell you that carbon fiver tripods are usually more expensive than aluminium or metal tripods but before you get disappointed by this 1 drawback. Let’s have a look at all advantages of best carbon tripods.

  1. LightweightHow much? Really lighter than Aluminium. A carbon fiber tripod is usually 20 to 40 percent light than most Alloy Tripods.
  2. Strength: Despite saving you weight, Carbon fiber Tripods are made to hold all the lens or DSLRs you got. They are not easily broken. You can be assured that your investment is going to be long lasting.
  3. Stability: Best Carbon fiber tripod quality is that they are really stable. Even if you have put more weight on your tripod un-intentionally while focusing on that perfect frame, you picture is not going to be shaky. These tripods are made for stability.

Best Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod:

This brings us to the point which one is the best carbon fiber tripod. Here at My Travel Tripod we had a look at several features, customer feedback and a close look at each of top 10 carbon fiber tripods to get a better idea of our next carbon fiber camera stand.





MeFoto Classic Carbon Fiber travel tripod

593 Customer Reviews

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ZOMEi Z6​68C Carbon Fiber Tripod

397 Customer Reviews

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Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod/Monopod

267 Customer Reviews

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ZOMEi Z818C Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod

227 Customer Reviews

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Sirui T-025x Carbon Fiber Tripod

81 Customer Reviews

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Induro Tripods CLT303 Carbon Tripod

50 Customer Reviews

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Mactrem lightweight carbon fiber tripod

37 Customer Reviews

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Sirui W-2204 Waterproof Carbon Fiber Tripod

11 Customer Reviews

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Manfrotto 057 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit with Q5 Ball Head

73 Customer Reviews

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Feisol Travel CT-3441SB30 4 section Carbon Tripod

182 Customer Reviews

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Best Carbon Fiber Tripod

Mefoto classic wins the race for “best carbon tripod” as the one with most historic reviews number – 593 having more than 85% of customers happy and recommending new buyers to purchase the product.

ZOMEi Z668C Carbon Fiber Tripod Monopod

“Not a cheaply manufactured tripod, I was using Slik Carbon tripod before that weighs 3 times than this and was much bigger when folded. Pleasant Experience”

What makes it the best?

  1. 360 degrees panning for accurate image alignment
  2. Two leg angle positions to lock them at any position or angle even at irregular surfaces.
  3. Center column hook to hang light or kettle or just in case you are PRO-level photographer then yes additional weight for stability.
  4. Dual adjustment, good quality ball head to quickly adjust the angle at any position upside down.
  5. Foam grip designed to grab it easily.
  6. Tripod legs can be folded back to 180 degrees making it compact and easy to adjust with rest of your luggage.
  7. Valid 5 year Money back guarantee

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Cheap Carbon Fiber Tripod

Neewer is the one Cheap Carbon fiber tripod that’s also on number 3 in the top 10 list.  While being really affordable in price, you don’t have to compromise much on quality while purchasing this cheap carbon tripod. It offers some of the best competitive features..

Neewer Carbon Fiber Tripod for DSLR

Cheap carbon fiber tripod for DSLR

“I decided to give it a chance as I was looking for a secondary tripod. Looking at the normal prices of carbon fiber tripods, I must, Outstanding Value at affordable Cost”

Properties:Features of this Cheap Carbon Tripod for Cameras are as follows

  1. Easily Convertible into Monopod
  2. Easy Leg locks let you adjust height with great convenience.
  3. 2 locks ball head universal design with 360 degrees dial.
  4. Claim to have latest of carbon fiber technologies to handle extra weight.
  5. Maximum height is 63 inches
  6. It can carry up to 33lbs/15kg
  7. Comes with a tripod bag
  8. Can be used for camcorders, move cameras, SLRs, point and shoot cameras

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Carbon Fiber Tripod Recommendation:

It is a really tough decision to recommend 1 among all these top 10 tripods but there are 2 particular tripods who got most happy audience. i.e almost every person who purchased any of these 2 tripods made it their Carbon Tripod Recommendation.

The first one is the ultimate choice of professional photographers, the Induro Stealth CLT303 – 3 series Carbon Tripod for DSLRs. It comes with a 5 year warranty and has all the specs that you might ever want for any kind of extra-ordinary shots. If budget is not a problem, this is the one to go for sure

Induro Professional Carbon Fiber Tripod

Carbon fiber tripod recommendation

“After 2 months of usage, I can claim it to be the purchase to enhance my photography skills. It balances better than my both previous tripods from Benro. I will recommend this to everyone.”

Cheap Carbon Fiber Tripod recommendation:

While Induro costs more than $600 for complete pack, if you are tight on budget then buy Zomei Z818C. No questions asked, no guarantees needed. It is not only on number 4th of our carbon tripod recommendations, it is widely popular among tripod buyers no matter on which stage of photography are they.

Carbon Fiber Tripod Reviews:

The whole list of our top 10 carbon tripods is based on the reviews received by verified buyers however let us share PROs and CONs of top 5 Carbon fiber camera tripods. 

1- Mefoto Classic Carbon fiber tripod reviews

I purchased this tripod after a year of trying cheap tripod for my DSLR Cameras. Impressed at the first glimpse, it never disappointed me from that day on wards.    – Jeremy

Its been quite few months since I am the owner of MeFoto Classic and I am really happy with the purchase of this lightweight tripod.     – Nathan

I wish I could find similar ball head for my other tripods. I was skeptical about legs functionality but looking at it’s 5 extensions and then actually using them is super easy. Really happy with the purchase – T Sherif

2- Zomei Z668 Carbon Tripod Reviews

It has some great quality built stuff, excellent extensive features and compact in size when folded. Locking knobs are really easy to operate. No drawbacks found till date.     – Onokapu

As a professional photographer and film maker, my second most important utensil is Tripod. While have the experience of usage of several other tripods, I can tell you that, this is the one to count on even on a short budget. It’s lightweight, compact when folded, sturdy when used.     – Arnold

Coming to the real life daily usage of this tripod, there is no point when it’s shaky. Even at the maximum height when leg are locked, it remain fixed like magnet. The whole thing takes less than 22 s to open and 16s to close.     -PhotoTech Blog

3- Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Tripod Reviews

I own tripods that cost as much as 3 times of this one, but I still reach out to Neewer whenever I am going out. Despite being the low-cost, this tripod fulfills every demand of person looking for Carbon Tripod for Cameras. Highly Recommended Product in great price.   -Landon Dodd

I don’t know how this tripod is compared the costly Gitzo Carbon fiber tripod but I know one thing for sure, this easily fits into every place I went to, fulfilled every need I had. Smooth ball head, workable angle adjustments, rigid grab on the DSLR. 10/10    – John Diaz

Cheap Carbon Fiber Tripods Comparison:

 ZoMei Z818C Camera Tripod

Neewer Carbon Tripod

Flexible Dimensions
Superior Quality
Easily Adjustable




Although, there has been great emphasis on buying the best lightweight carbon fiber tripods, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that costly like over 1000 USD. We understand that for professional usage, we can’t compromise on quality and we can’t deny the fact that you get what you paid for. There is still a space where companies charge more than the rightful price or feasible profit.

So you might want to look out at top 5 before you move on to another web page. If you have got a flexible budget then by all means, Induro has got the most number of positive reviews and can be bought without questions.

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