AmazonBasics Extending Stick with Remote Housing for GoPro

This item will not be sent to Lahore, Pakistan. Please check if it is another supplier that can deliver internationally.

Remote terminal (available remotely) with an integrated housing to the remote wireless device and direct addition to any camera GoPro Hero, Hero 2, Hero 3 Hero3 Hero3 + +, Hero 4 Hero 4 Black Hero 4 Silver, Hero + LCD, Hero 4 Session, HERO5 Black, HERO5 session and HERO6; no adapter is needed
It has a 180 degree turn to facilitate the use of the remote control when adjusting shooting angles
Weatherproof design for rain, snow and surf
Includes an adjustable hand strap and a carabiner to hold the pole firmly to the wrist, a strap for the bag or a buckle; Camera and remote control are not included
It ranges from 13.8 inches to 38.2 inches; To extend, loosen the extension lock by turning the extension, lengthen it to the desired length and turn it to adjust

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