AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

This item will not be sent to Lahore, Pakistan. Please check if there are other suppliers that can deliver internationally. It supports camcorders, fixed cameras and ranges up to 6.6 lbs.
1/4 inch universal thread assembly
Four leg sections that can stretch 67 inches
Non-slip rubber foot and retractable barbsIncludes a carry bag
Integrated pillow handle and adjustable strap
Made of lightweight aluminium that weighs less than 1 pound.

Photographers capture beautiful moments and make them memorable. However, there are different types of photographers some are professionals work for a magazine some are wedding photographers some are wildlife photographers or some do photography as a hobby. Tripods and monopods are tools that are used by all types of photographers. Monopods and tripods almost have the same features. Moreover, they also have the price difference and they have different load capacities. AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod is one of the good quality monopods that can be easily used by anyone. Furthermore, it is very simple to use and has no complicated functions.

Wildlife photographers prefer to use the monopod because it is easy to set up. Moreover, photographers in a different field also use a monopod to get amazing results. However, to get the amazing results it is very important that you should use a good quality monopod. There is a huge list of tripod or monopod brands that are offering different quality tripods and monopods in the market. One of the best things about the monopod is it is very light in weight which makes it easy to carry. It is a strong monopod that can easily support up to 6.6 lbs weight.

Moreover, a monopod can also stand by it’s on like a tripod but it can’t face the strong wind and unable to make you devise stable in strong windy weather. Furthermore, you can use a lightweight device with monopod because it has a less load capacity as compared to tripods. People who love hiking and photography use monopod because they can easily carry it with them and it can also be used as a walking stick. AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod has a screw so you can easily mount your camera or camcorder on it.


In this article, we are describing the features and qualities of AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod. It is one of the monopods which are made of high-quality material. Moreover, you will feel very comfortable to work with it and if you travel a lot then you simply love this monopod because it is light in weight. Furthermore, you can buy this monopod at a very reasonable price. This monopod also has a hand wrist band with it so you can handle it easily.

Moreover, you can use this monopod for both cameras and camcorders to click the perfect images and clear videos. This tripod has a very comfortable cushion grip for your hand. One of the best things of this monopod is that you can adjust the height of it according to your desired height. Furthermore, it has a rubber foot which helps you to make your device sturdy even on slippery and uneven surfaces.

There are many tripods and monopods brands are available in the market but always choose the best one to get the best results. Quality, features, and price are them mean points that you should keep in your mind while buying a monopod. To make your special moments memorable buy the best product. If you are interested to read more related articles then please do visit our website

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