Top 10+ Amazing Natural Places in the world

Have you ever imagined to see amazing nature and staying the Sahara or the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt? But what if we say you can visit unbelievable locations like those mentioned above, but in Mexico? Don’t you believe in us? Then read this blog.

Mexico is a state with extremely natural situations, and countless belongings you need to see overseas are in that country. Here we divide point 5, even though we assure you that there is much more. However, we do not encourage you to encourage him to explore and surprise his own ideas.

What happens to the pink lakes

If you love the amazing colors of the lakes and want to go to Lake Hillier before this trip, it will surely be amazing. We suggest you visit Mexico. The pink lake placed to the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Replacement and has the similar tag. Since the creeks are very narrow and saline, red algae and plankton are concerted in salty shrimp, whose pink color origins the water to go pink.


In the worldwide around two locations with vestige waterfalls, in Turkey and Mexico. This natural singularity originates from water with high inorganic gratified, inundating for thousands of centuries. There is no hesitation that both spots are value to visit, but if you derive to Mexico or living in the state, we suggest you visit Hierve el Agua. We really won’t remorse it.

Charming glass caves

The scenery is attractive and does not stop us from surprising nature. The glass caverns are the proof. In Mexico there is a gorgeous crystal construction in a excavation called Naica. These crystals are the major exposed on earth. They spread 13 meters and evaluate more than 55 tons. Regrettably, the camera where these crystals are originated is not exposed to the community because of the high temperatures. But don’t apprehension, if you want to knowledge the same natural experience, visit Crystal Cave 36 meters profound in Bermuda. Throughout the visit you visit crystal strong lakes.

Old mysterious concepts

For uncountable, it is a vision to visit the Egyptian pyramids, especially those in Giza, for their past and magnificence. But you don’t take this state to like old constructions full of antiquity and confidences. In Mexico we have attractive shrines, with the pyramid. This pyramid is one of the largest in Mesoamerica its about 63.5 meters long, the stairways had 260 ladders, consistent to 52 stages for each sun.

Decent Desserts

Why you want to visit Sahara to see the desert? Trust it or not, in Mexico we likewise take a boundless desert. We talk about Pinacate and the great Sonora altarpiece. It is one of the most remarkable landscapes in North America from space. Since 6, 2013, it is a UNESCO website. If you still want to visit the Sahara, you will probably be happy. It is the warmth desert in the biosphere and the third major. You can do various activities such as camel rides in the dunes or sandboarding.