Albott 20 inches Desktop Tabletop Mini Camera Tripod with Quick Release Plate 2019

Desktop Tabletop Mini Camera Tripod with Quick Release Plate: Photography is a profession However everyone can have the ability to excel it but not too easily. The creative mind and hard work still count because you want to be a successful photographer. To be successful you need to get inspiration for your work. Along with you have to make sure what the demand in the market is.

Nowadays people are more tilted towards the work which has high-quality. In other words, they are more attracted to unique and realistic work. Therefore, you have to get all the assistance for the photography to avail the quality in your work. One of the great assistance can be a tripod. How? You

may ask. The answer would be its function and credibility while doing photography.

A tripod is a three-legged stand. It holds the camera with great grip to help you in capturing professional images without any blurriness in the quality. Furthermore, travelers tend to purchase traveling tripods.

They are of great convenience when it comes to doing photography at uneven surfaces. Moreover, the tripods come in different sorts with different functions to perform. Some of the well-known types of tripods are mentioned below.

Types of Tripods

The tripods have been used by several professional photographers for years. They call it as assisting tools as tripods are of great use in many scenarios. Keeping the scenarios in mind the tripods have been divides in different kinds. These are;

  1. Heavy-Duty Tripods

These tripods are an essential tool for photographers who use to do photography using heavy camera devices. The Heavy-duty tripod ensures the photographer that it holds the device firmly and avoid breaking down due to devices’ heavyweight. In addition, it has the capacity to hold the device of great weight with convenience and provides the maximum level of stability.

  1. Compact Tripods

If you like to travel and do photography on your journey then these tripods should be on our purchasing list. It can be convenient to take compact tripods as they can be carried around easily. Due to their compact design, the compact tripods can even fit in a backpack for hiking.

  1. Portable Tripods

The portable tripods are designed in a way that they can be folded in to compact size and are good to go on different adventures. They help in making more space in the luggage and feel convenient to carry it around while working.

  1. Lightweight Travel Tripod

The Lightweight Travel tripod, as the name indicates, is light in weight and best suitable for traveling. No, they are not composed of bad quality and will break in no time. Many lightweight tripods have the capacity to hold the cameras firmly and provide stability at the same time. However, you have to do some research before finding the best lightweight tripod.

The product mentioned below is the best stand table tripod. It is compact and portable, so check out its features for more information.

The Albott Professional Precision Ball End Table Stand is the ideal choice if you need a sturdy and precise stand for the table.

With a minimum working height of just under 5 inches, it is very easy to work closely with smaller objects.

The Albott camera tripod is lightweight and ultra-compact, Above all, it can easily be stowed away or taken anywhere.

Mobile Phone Support:

The universal mobile phone tripod adapter with adjustable clip fits perfectly with iPhone, Samsung, and all phones, ranging from 2.2 to 3.9 inches


  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Carrying capacity: 6.6 lbs (3.0 kg)
  • Folded height: 9 “(24 cm)
  • Maximum height:
  • Camera tripod mode: 18 “(46 cm)
  • Fashion tripod for mobile phone: 64 cm
  • Minimum height: 5 “(13.5 cm)
  • Sections of the leg:
  • 22 mm of 5 sections of aluminum feet
  • Size of the packaging: 14 * 9 * 9 cm / 5.45 * 3.51 * 3.51 inches
  • Package weight: 923g / 2.03LB
  • The package includes:
  • Albott tripod with ball head and spirit level * 1
  • phone holder * 1
  • Instruction by Albott * 1
  •  Albott tote bag * 1 
  • Albott gift box * 1



The Desktop Tabletop Mini Camera Tripod with Quick Release Plate has made the video making and photography process much easier. However, the quality of the work improves and you are good to share your work with the outside world. One of the best table stand tripod is mentioned above along with its features. It has been appreciated by many customers.

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