Albott 70 Inch Digital SLR Camera Aluminum Travel Portable Tripod Monopod with Carry Bag

Photography is not as easy as people tend to assume it to be. It requires as efforts as any field of profession does. Along with personal efforts, the photographer has to keep in mind that there are certain tools which can be of great advantage if used rightly. For instance, a tripod has been revolutionary tool to assist the photographer in delivering the quality work. However, the photographer has to master the techniques which are used to make the purchase of tripod worthwhile. Even before that the photographer has to scrutinize the major work type of his profession to select the most suitable tripod.

Why Lightweight and Portable Tripods Are Best Suitable for Traveling?

If you as a photographer tend to travel a lot, then it is convenient to select the tripod in accordance to your work requirements. Generally, it is suggested by the professional photographers that a lightweight tripod with ability to provide maximum of the stability is appropriate. This can be beneficial in certain of the ways.

  1. Owning a lightweight tripod shall help you in keeping your luggage light leaving space for other accessories as well.
  2. Furthermore, it is convenient to take the tripod along with you anywhere anytime without having further assistance to be taken from your friends. Thus, you shall be fine traveling alone as well taking the best lightweight tripod along with you.
  3. There are many lightweight tripods which are flexible and portable at the same time. The flexibility ensures to reach to the angles which is not humanely possible. Whereas, the portable tripod facilitates in keeping the tripod in smaller space, even in your backpack.

Despite of having such phenomenal advantages the customers still avoid purchasing the lightweight tripod for certain reasons. The major reason is that these tripods might break off in one go and might ruin the photography shoot for you. Also, they believe that these tripods might not provide maximum of the stability which is the basic purpose of owning a tripod. These reasons are true to some extent, nonetheless, there are several lightweight, portable tripods which ae worth purchasing. One of the example is given below.


With a central pillar that can be converted into a 5-piece monopod, the Albott tripod provides enhanced flexibility as you can quickly switch from tripod to monopod without losing a beat. It is equipped with a 3-way head that can carry loads up to 8.8 lbs and is suitable for photo and video applications.

The head offers a tilt and tilt control and a horizontally tilted camera platform for 90 ° vertical alignment. For easy installation and removal from the camera, a quick release plate is included with a standard 1/4 “-20 screw and a video capture pin.

The tripod reaches a maximum height of 70 “with the widened center column and offers a minimum working height of 21”. When the center column for a monopod is removed and fully extended, it reaches a height of 65.

To enable use on virtually any surface, the tripod legs have rubber feet that can be rotated to expose them to metal tips. It is included for convenient storage and transportation.


  • Material: hardware
  • Load capacity: 4.0 kg
  • Pan range: 360 °
  • Slope range: 180 °
  • Side tilt: 90 °
  • Maximum height:
  • Tripod mode: 70 “(178 cm)
  • Monopod mode: 65 “(165 cm)
  • Maximum height without extended column: 58 “(146 cm)
  • Minimum height: 21 “(54 cm)
  • Length folded: 22.4 “(57 cm)
  • Sections of the leg:
  • Tripod mode: 4
  • Monopod mode: 5

The package includes:1 * Albott tripod (contains a three-dimensional head)1 * Instruction by Albott1 * Albott tote bag1 * Albott gift box


Tripods have been the major essential tool to help the photographer capturing high-quality images. They are being used by many professional photographers for a long period of time. However, what else is necessary is to analyze what sort of tripod shall be best suitable for your work. For travelers, it is always recommended to take the quality light-weight tripod along with you. The reasons to do so are illustrated above. Furthermore, while purchasing the high-quality tripod certain research has =to be done in the matter of availing the best. That we have made easier for you by selecting the bets lightweight and portable tripod mentioned above. The features are mentioned along with them. Also, the product has received positive remarks from the customers. So do not forget to check out the best portable tripod.

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