Albott 64 Inch Travel Tripod Portable Aluminium Lightweight with Carrying Bag for Cameras Video

A tripod is a three-legged equipment which holds the professional camera firmly. Its basic functions are to provide stability to the device at uneven spaces by holding them with great grip. Moreover, its extendable central column allows the photographer to reach the extended angles which are not possible with bare hands. For example, there are tripods which have flexible legs that enable to capture photos while attaching them to posts, tree limbs, etc. In addition, there are many other tripods which are traveling –friendly. Meaning, they are suitable enough to be taken along with you on your journeys to achieve the inspiration you have been looking for your work.

The travel tripods are designed in a specific way to make your traveling burden free. Also, high-quality tripods are durable for a long period of time as they are composed of strong material. Moreover, some are designed in a portable way so you shall not have any problem getting them fixed in your luggage or even in your backpack. This shall help you in making your journey easy. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the luggage and its burden. With everything figured out you only have to focus on your work and creativity.

Furthermore, our team has come up with the best travel tripod. This travel tripod not only best suitable for traveling only but you can also use it for heavy-duty tasks. The reason is that it is composed it high-quality material. Also, it has the ability to extend to a maximum height where it can provide different angles for the photo shoot.

The product mentioned below has its features specified for you. Therefore assess these features in accordance with the requirement of your work. Only then you shall be able to know whether it is worth your money or not?

Tilt and 3-way rotation
The pan and tilt head facilitates positioning of the camera and precise alignment.

Column of the central column
a hook at the bottom of the center column to hang additional accessories or to increase the weight of the tripod for extra stabilization.

Telescope legs with zipper
The pivot locks quickly secure the legs of the telescopic stand, while the middle clamp increases stability by connecting the legs together to make them stiffer.

Central column of the elevator with gearbox
The quick center column of the transmission jack allows quick and easy adjustment of the camera height.

Quick release plate with 1/4 “-20 screw holder
The quick release plate is the fastest way to mount and align the camera with the tripod head.

Sure-grip rubber feet
Rubber feet provide maximum traction on all surfaces.


Material: hardware
Load capacity: 4.0 kg
Pan range: 360 °
Slope range: 180 °
Side tilt: 90 °
Maximum height: 64 “(162 cm)
Maximum height without extended column: 50 “(128 cm)
Minimum height: 22 “(57 cm)
Length folded: 24 “(60 cm)
Leg sections: 3

The package includes:
1 * Albott tripod (contains a three-dimensional head)
1 * Instruction by Albott
1 * Albott tote bag
1 * Albott gift box


The travel tripod is mandatory to have in your backpack while traveling. Who knows you might encounter an inspiration for photography while traveling. This shall enable you to see the world from a different perspective. Moreover, keeping a travel tripod in your backpack will never harm you or your luggage. The reason is that the travel tripods are specifically designed in a manner that it keeps the design compact so no extra space would be taken. Moreover, most of the travel tripods are light in weight that your shoulders will not be worn off at the end of your adventurous day.

Albott travel tripod is the best selling tripod. IT keeps all the essential the best travel tripod must have. As it is obvious from the features given above, this product is amazing in many ways. To shorten it down, this product has lightweight yet it is yet durable for a long period of time. The reason behind this magic is it is composed of aluminum which is the best material considered. Moreover, It has compact design as it can be folded in small equipment which makes it easier to carry it around while traveling.

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