8 Best Backpacking Tripod that you need

Photography is the passion which has no boundaries. It can go down to the ground or high up in the sky or even at the peak of the mountains. Therefore, photographers’ cannot afford to handle heavy instruments when it comes to places like these.

They require the best backpacking tripod which is lightweight and compact so there would not be any hurdle. There is much best lightweight tripod for backpacking which can help the photographer a good quality pictures which would be taken in beautiful places.

Moreover, many of the tripods which are not perfect for traveling are heavy in weight and big in size. The backpacking tripod is light in weight and smaller in size. However, the size does not affect the creativity of a photographer and quality of the picture.

Moreover, this tripod assists the photographer in hiking photography. Hence, one does not have to worry about carrying heavy instruments. They only have to go for these best tripod for backpacking and hit the journey of extraordinary photography.

UltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod

The UltraPod Lightweight Camera Tripod is the best example of lightweight, compact and portable tripod. It is so small that it can fit in one’s palm, with the height of 6 inches with non-adjustable height.

Moreover, UltraPod lightweight camera tripod has the capacity to hold the maximum load of 6lbs. This can be perfect for hiking companion.

The camera can be mounted on the double ball and socket joint which means the camera can be adjusted in 3-axis planes.

Through this one can get any angle they want, perfect for macro photography or landscape shooting with low angle perspectives.

One of the best thing about this best backpacking tripod is the Velcro strap which makes easy to take photos attached to a small tree.

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Lightweight Camera Tripod (lighter-weight version)

Like Ultra-Pod lightweight camera tripod, it has a Velcro strap for tree mounting or pole mounting. It is much shorter than Ultra-pod tripod with just 2 ounces and is perfect for the photographer who wants to save every ounce.

Moreover, it has better packability but lower short angles. Pedco Ultra-Pod lightweight camera tripod is the best for backpacking lightweight camera tripod. In addition, the photographers can take more creative images with low angle perspectives.

Best Backpacking Tripod

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Leki Sierra Antishock Trekking Pole

Leki has three sections which are fully adjustable for hiking when you want to shoot some pictures. Moreover, one has to just unscrew the wooden knob from the top of the pole.

The standard camera mount screw which can quickly screw into any camera with a tripod mount attachment. However, it is less stable than a tripod but the advantage is that it can be carried away anywhere.

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Leki Photo System Carbon Trekking Pole

The Leki Photo System Carbon Trekking Pole has three piece flick-lock poles. Moreover, it is made this way to maximize features for hiking photographers.

It has the most lightweight system when combined with the best carbon fiber travel tripod body it makes photosystem carbon pole much more advanced. In addition, it is the best backpacking tripod for hiking and photography at the same time.

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ZOMEi Z669C Portable Carbon Tripod Monopod Kit

ZOMEi is the smallest in size and lightweight tripod with sturdy legs and components. Moreover, it weighs 3.5 pounds 15 inches long when packed down.

Due to its size and weight limit, it is considered to be the best backpacking tripod for DSLR. If one needs the strongest and robust tripod for work then ZOMEi is the best option.

In addition, it has three twist-lock legs which are fully adjustable according to the shooting height requirements.

Moreover, it has 360-degree ball head attached to it with quick release plate. One can be able to convert this tripod to a strong full-size monopod if more mobility is required.

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JOBY Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom: Best Backpacking Tripod

The JOBY Gorilla Pod SLR Zoom is the most flexible tripod with ball head bundle for DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Moreover, this tripod is over two inches in diameter and twelve inches long when folded.

In addition, it has weight just under a pound with quick release plate which makes it easier to screw on every time one wants to use it.

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Sirui T-025X 52” Carbon Fiber Tripod  

The Sirui Carbon Fiber Tripod comes with C-10X ball head and case. Moreover, it weighs almost a pound (2.7 pounds in total) and can be converted into a full-size monopod.

One can get Sirui T-025X 52” Carbon Fiber tripod for only $80 and it is quite suitable as the best backpacking tripod for the photographer.

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Sirui T-005KX 52” Aluminium Alloy Tripod

Like Sirui T-025X 52” carbon fiber tripod, Sirui T-005KX 52” aluminum alloy tripod comes with C-10X ball head and case. It is considered as backpacker tripod as it is 1.9 pounds in weight.

Moreover, it is the most portable backpacking tripod with a height of 12” when folded and 3” wide. This tripod can be extended up to 54 inches. 

It has three legs for different angles and the center column can be removed for lower shots. Furthermore, it has foam grips which can help one’s hands from not freezing.

Sirui T-005KX 52” aluminum alloy tripod has smooth and robust ball head which is on the Arca-style plate. The Arca-style plate is compatible with many other tripods.

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Photography is the art which cannot be restricted to one place. To capture the world and expose the real side of it one has to travel a lot. The more one takes photos with more passion and struggle, the more his/her work attracts.

Therefore, to bring out the real side of the world and its beauty many photographers travel and hike. To keep this in mind, photographers cannot afford to carry all the heavy instruments along with them.

Hence there is some best backpacking tripod which is quite light in weight, compact and portable. These tripods can help photographers to take pictures the way they want.

Whether, it is to be taken at the low angle, or unstable places, these tripods will work for you. For more related articles please visit My Travel Tripod.

Best Backpacking Tripod

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