72″ inch Elite Series Professional Heavy Duty Convertible Camera Tripod/Monopod For Canon 70D, 60D, 6D, 7D, 40D, 30D, 20D, SL1, EOS-M, 5D, 5D MARK II, 5D MARK III, T1I, T4I, T5I, XT, XTI, T3, T5 & More… + eCostConnection

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• The 72-inch wide-format monopod / tripod is the perfect accessory for any photographer.
It is a tripod with leg locks, which allows you to adjust your legs to a low angle.
It just becomes a monopod.
The 72TRMPRO features a quick-release plate for comfort as well as non-slip feet, a central stabilizing hook and tab padded foam.
It has 2 dragonflies and a waterproof housing.
The tripod / monopod has legs made of 4-piece aluminum alloys and a 3-way head with tilting motion.
The 72TRMPRO gets 72 inches tall and collapses up to 26 inches.

Fully compatible with the following Canon models:
– 70D, 60D, 6D
– 7D, 40D, 30D
– 20D, SL1, EOS-M
– 5D, 5D MARK II
T1I, T4I, T5I
– XT, XTI, T3
– & more
• Microfibre cleaning cloth
– Especially effective in dry application to remove oil and fingerprints quickly and easily by moving. It can also be used with or without cleaning solutions.