72″ Inch Elite Series Full Size Camera Tripod for DSLR Cameras/Camcorders, Elite Series Professional Universal Tripod Dolly with One-Step Easy Lock System & eCostConnection Microfiber Cloth

• The Elite Series 72 “tripod is ideal for camcorders and still cameras, has a carrying handle, center hook and padded foam feet, a quick-release plate for easy camera removal and a non-slip tripod swivel, two spirit levels and comes with a convenient carrying case.

• The Elite Dolly Universal Professional Tripod is the perfect complement to almost any tripod. It helps to stabilize the system while you can easily move the tripod from one place to another in your studio. It has a simple lock in the stage that blocks wheels to secure the tripod. It had fully adjustable universal closures for almost every big tripod.

The leg handles slide along the wrist platform and approach the center or more towards the end. This will allow you to set the desired magnification level for the tripod you are using.

Folds easily with a practical carrying handle. It has metal ball bearings and a rubber outer surface for an ultra-soft roller. It comes with a weatherproof case.

• 2 cases for the 72 “Elite Series Tripod and Dolly Universal Tripod
• Microfibre cleaning cloth
– Especially effective in dry application to remove oil and fingerprints quickly and easily by moving. It can also be used with or without cleaning solutions.

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