3 Legged Thing Punks Corey Aluminum Tripod Kit w/ AirHed Neo

The Corey Aluminum Thing Tripod with AirHed Neo Ball Head is a five-piece aluminum tripod that extends to a maximum height of 58 “and drops to 4”. With the leg extension angle of 23 °, which is considered a normal posture, the tripod can withstand a maximum of 30 lbs, but if the legs can be adjusted to positions of 55 ° and 80 °, they can withstand less weight.

The introduction of rubber-coated twist locks is also a welcome addition that improves the grip and protects the user’s hands from a hot or cold aluminum surface. Quick Center Column 2 sections can be used to the right or vice versa, allowing the user to raise the tripod to the height, while a section of the center column is used for small adjustments.

By turning the legs 180 °, the user can bend the tripod for travel or storage by 13.7 “.The head of the ball is a unique ultra-compact neo-head that features a joystick to control board and ball Controls the locking of the Arca-compatible clip, which includes a curved base plate with a 1/4 “-20 mounting thread. As is standard on tripods, the Corey has a standard 3/8 “-16 threaded removable leg on both ends.

The center column plate with three spacers and the threaded rod can be unscrewed and removed from the top of the center pillar and then screwed directly onto the leg. The removable leg can be used as a monopod, micro pen or selfie bar depending on the needs of the user.

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