3 Legged Thing Eclipse Leo Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Switch (Grey) with Flash + Soft Box + Diffuser + Flash Filters + Cleaning Kit

The kit contains:
♦ 1) Leopard Eclipse Leopard 3 Foot Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Switch (Gray)
♦ 2) High precision design DSLR450V automatic flash with LED video light
♦ 3) Precision Design Softbox Universal Flash Diffuser
♦ 4) Precision design rebound flash diffuser for DSLR350, DSLR450V
♦ 5) Set of color gel filters 12 precision models
♦ 6) Cleaning kit for lens and precision camera

The Eclipse Leopard 3-foot Carbon Fiber Tripod with AirHed Switch is the first professional micro-traveler. It overcomes the border between compact travel and professional tripod systems. 8 layers of high woven carbon for an optimal weight-to-weight ratio. Includes AirHed ball head with quick release plate.

This precision universal flash DSLR450V High Power with LED video light unit is the perfect accessory for any photographer looking for less red eyes to shoot subject with even light or more power with telephoto. It features an adjustable zoom / bounce / swivel head, built-in LED video light, built-in wide panel and a reflector plate for versatility.

The universal flash diffuser in the precision design soft case expands and redirects the flash and softens the light by passing it through an icy diffuser. Get an extremely smooth appearance with minimal shadows. It folds easily and stows in any camera bag. Includes an adjustable strap and elastic band to attach the diffuser to almost any size.

This precision flash diffuser reduces shadows, eliminates red-eye and adds depth to your photos. It connects in seconds with your flash with a custom and customized setting, without the necessary glue.

The gel filter set with 12 colors in Precision Design creates drama and creates moods with color.

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