The Best Camera Tripod Mount 2020

Last updated on February 9th, 2021

It is quite clear that tripods are the essential part of the photography kit. However, we still see people wondering that why is it so important? How to select the best one as they all look exactly the same? And the list of the questions goes on.

What makes a tripod different is the use of material for its manufacturing. Moreover, the parts of the camera tripod also make it different from other tripods. The parts may involve tripod mount, Quick-Release Plate, center column, tripod feet, twist leg locks, multi-angle leg locks and etc.

However, we are here to discuss various kinds of the tripod mount. If you are unaware of its function then let us guide you. The tripod mount helps the camera t get attached with the tripod. Every camera tripod mount has a different range of expansion.

Therefore, each mount is specially manufactured for a specific device. By this, you shall be able to click images without any hesitation of breaking your device. As these tripod mounts have the ability to hold your devices firmly. However, it is very important to know which tripod mount is suitable for which device.

We bring the best collection of the tripod mount. The features of the camera tripod mount are written along with their price and ratings. Also, the highlighted review is mentioned as well.

So, you can select the best product for yourself after reading reviews from the customers. The details of the products are given below kindly give it a look.





DaVoice Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter

3949 Customer Reviews

View Price


​iPhone Tripod Mount

65 Customer Reviews

View Price


SmallRig Cool Ballhead Arm Super Clamp Mount

401 Customer Reviews

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Cuddeback Genius Tripod Mount 

21 Customer Reviews

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PEDCO UltraPod Grip Lightweight Camera Tripod

8 Customer Reviews

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Glif Tripod Mount

62 Customer Reviews

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Official GoPro mount

763  Customer Reviews

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Adjustable Smartphone Universal Tripod Mount

The DaVoice Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter has the ability to get connected with various kinds of smartphones. It is the best camera tripod mount which provides diversity in the usage of different devices. Moreover, it has attained positive feedbacks from the customers.

Keeping all these points in mind the let us see its features.

  • This tripod camera mount has the ability to hold smartphones which can be wide from 2.17” to 3.37”.
  • Moreover, this tripod mount has the capacity to support smartphones with their cases on. This feature is beneficial for those who like to get things done without any small inconveniences.
  • Furthermore, this tripod mount has the amazing feature of getting attached to any standard tripod. With the help of if its standard ¼”- 20 screw, this tripod camera mount can be connected with any tripod without any inconvenience. You will not have to worry about getting a suitable mount for the tripod each time you go for a different shoot. This tripod mount is the answer for all.
  • The DaVoice tripod mount has a firm grip making sure that your device will not fall down while shooting.

DaVoice Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter

Tripod Mount

“If you have an IPhone, then you should know that it makes great time lapse movies, still images, and videos in general.”

Vertical Horizontal Adjustable Tripod Mount

The tripod mount has the ability to connect the device to the tripod. Furthermore, it helps in the movement of the camera. So, the iPhone Tripod mount Adapter has the ability to move the device horizontally and vertically without any inconvenience.

Moreover, it has some other specifications which are elaborated below.

  • There are dual flexible models in the market available in both tripod and mount adapter. These models can be used together or separately according to the situation. Also, the mount is constructively solid, manufactured with high-quality plastics and aluminum.
  • The tripod mount holds the camera stiffly and ensures the safety of the device.
  • Moreover, the tripod mount is just 128 grams making it the best lightweight tripod mount.
  • Furthermore, the best feature about this tripod mount is that it can slide and stabilize the device. Also, it is compatible with various devices.

iPhone Tripod mount Adapter

Tripod Mount

I love this on my huge Samsung Note 8 and it fits great! It fits into my tripod perfectly. It does what I need it to! Plastic is sturdy quality. You won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!”


Multi-function Double Ball Tripod Mount

The SmallRig Cool Ballhead Arm Super Clamp Mount is the best in its kind. From the tripod mount screw to tripod mount size; it can be a perfect choice. Moreover, it has received amazing feedback from the customers.

So, let us see its features to justify its greatness.

  • It is the multi-functional mount with ¼” screw on the top.
  • Moreover, it has the ability to be attached to the monitor in no time and according to your needs.
  • Furthermore, it is much better with the devices weighing 1.21 kilograms.
  • It comes with the rod for tightening the device and makes sure that the device remains safe while in use.

SmallRig Cool Ballhead Arm Super Clamp Mount

Tripod Mount

They work great in a static situation. I ended up moving the mount to a place behind my windscreen and the mount never moved after that. The vibration of traveling 1000 miles of so didn’t move the camera, as long as it was out of the wind.”

The Best Pan Tilt lock Mount

The Cuddeback Genius Tripod Mount has attained best rating from the customers. The customers are thoroughly impressed by its constructions and the functions it can perform. To figure those on your own please do have a look at the features mentioned below.

  • This tripod mount has the ability to hold trail cameras around tree branches or posts.
  • The adjustment of the trail camera can be made quite easily with the help of this tripod mount.
  • With the help of this tripod mount, the camera can be slid smoothly and it can also be padlocked.
  • Moreover, this tripod mount is sturdy and that has been made possible due to its construction. This tripod mount is constructed with metal.

Cuddeback Genius Tripod Mount

Tripod Mount

” These work great.”

Table Tripod with Best Tripod Mount

Having a small tripod with a sturdy mount is a dream come true for video bloggers. Why is that? Firstly, it is easy to carry them around while traveling or constantly moving from one place to another while shooting. Secondly, you get the best shots which will be admired by your audience.

The PEDCO UltraPod Grip Lightweight Camera Tripod can be the best option for people who travel a lot. It is quite small in size and yet sturdy. Furthermore, it has an amazing list of features which you definitely should check out.

  • It is quite light in weight and compatible with many devices including; binoculars, POV cameras and compact cameras with small lenses.
  • Moreover, it comes with a removable hook and loop cinch strap to wrap it around trees and posts.
  • Furthermore, it comes with rubber-over molded grips to allow secure mounting.
  • Also, it has a unique ball socket and mount which can make adjustments in no time.
  • This tripod with mount weighs only 3.2 oz and it can be extended from 2 inches to 7 inches.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

PEDCO UltraPod Grip Lightweight Camera Tripod

Tripod Mount

“I am very pleased with the product. I just recently put out a trail cam to test it the other day in 30 + MPH winds and it did not fall over even with the bulky camera on it. There were other items in my yard that blew away but the stand held up with no issues.”

Amazing Quick Release Tripod Mount

The Glif is the best tripod mount for portrait or landscape photography. Photographers who like to travel a lot are going to love this tripod mount. It holds the camera firmly and makes sure to provide the high-quality images.

The features it contains are even more amazing so let us have a look at them.

  • It is the best tripod mount for the smartphones with amazing grip.
  • Moreover, it comes with a quick release lever which allows mounting with an easement.
  • Furthermore, it has standard ¼”-20 screws which make it the best universal tripod mount adapter.
  • Also, it has an amazing ability to fit devices with or without cases. The range can be between 58-99mm wide.


Tripod Mount

“I bought an original GLIF and loved it. “

The Best Camera Mount for GoPro Devices

The GoPro devices always make sure to make your trip worthwhile. And you are out there with the device for photography purposes than having the official GoPro mount is mandatory. It shall not help to hold the camera sturdy but also help in moving it around with ease.

Furthermore, you shall capture the high-quality images to get you more audience for your work. This all can happen with the help of an official GoPro mount which has an amazing feature. These features are given below.

  • The best thing about this mount is that it comes with three facility offer. It can be extended like an arm while holding your camera firmly. Moreover, it ensures that the device does not fall off damaging it.
  • Furthermore, this tripod can be attached to a tripod to help you in taking professional images for your work.
  • It comes with the handle which can be extended like an arm as mentioned above. Further, this handle can be detached to make it a camera grip for more convenient shots.
  • Moreover, it would be astonishing to know that a small tripod can be stored in its handle. And there already is a small tripod in the handle which can be removed from it to use it.
  • Good news for the scuba divers, this three in one mount is waterproof so you can capture the adventure under water.
  • The height of this mount plus handle can be extended from 7.5 inches to 20 inches.
  • Several customers have loved this product and with such amazing features, it would be a wise decision to go for it.

Official GoPro mount

Tripod Mount

“This is the most versatile grip. There is some sticker shock with the price, but even pick up a used version of this if you can’t swing the new price, you won’t be disappointed.”


If you are looking up for photography as your profession then you might consider having the essential tools with you. It is quite understood that the tripod is the must-have tool but it has some parts which need to be considered as well.

However, here we are going to emphasize on the tripod mount which is basic and important part of the tripod. Without a mount, you shall not be able to connect the device with the tripod. And if you cannot do that then it is pointless to own a tripod.

However, like tripods, there are different kinds of mounts as well. They differ in their construction or their compatibility with the devices. Moreover, like a tripod, they provide sturdy to the device and they make sure to not to damage the device by dropping it.

So, always make sure to buy the tripod mount with a strong grip.  The other aspect of owning a tripod mount is to be able to move the camera at different angles. There are many mounts which enable the photographer to move the camera vertically and horizontally as well.

Some of these mounts are even discussed above.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the concept of mounting. Moreover, to let you know how is it important to select the mount according to your requirements.

And lastly, you definitely need to know that with the help of a tripod mount, you shall be able to learn things quickly and get better results. So, always do research for things before stepping into something huge.

So, we bring the amazing collection only for you. Please check them out and decide for yourself which tripod mount is best suitable for your photography kit. For more related articles please visit our website

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