Portable Tripods

Portable Tripods is a category ,searched several times by photographers worldwide.Beginners ,even professionals are confused about what kind of tripods to buy for travelling?The tripods they usually have are heavy and immobile.This issue ,however, has been solved by availability of  Portable Tripods to accommodate all desired needs.

Budget Friendly Portable Tripods:

There is an extensive range of lightweight and budget friendly portable tripods out there.The problem again is that too many products creates a sense of confusion in consumers. All Tripods provide a similar function of giving support to your equipment but there are numerous other specifications and factors that also considered while making purchase for Portable Tripods.

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We have compiled a list of Top 5 most recommended as well as easy on pocket Portable Tripods to make your life easy.

  1. Amazons Basic 50 inch lightweight Travel Tripod.
  2. Pedco Ultrapod II lightweight camera Tripod.
  3. Albott 64 Inch Travel  Portable Tripod.
  4. ZOMEI 55″ Compact Travel Tripod.
  5. Mactrem PT55 Travel Portable Camera Tripod.

Why one should Purchase Portable Tripods?

If you have keen interest to travel and do photography along with it then certain aspects need to be considered. From getting the bookings done to packing up your bags, you need to be careful and wise enough to get the journey comfortable enough. As far as the packing is concerned, you shall be required to make the bag lighter so you can get to actually do the work in peace. However, with all the camera accessories and tripods, it seems to be impossible sometimes. For this very reason, the portable tripods have been invented and are of great use.

The portable tripods can fit in your bag conveniently and you shall be able to carry it around anywhere you want. Imagine going on a hike, the heavy-duty tripods would be a burden and tiring some throughout the journey. So, it shall be wise decision to take the portable lightweight tripod which shall not only make the journey lighter but also shall make you to take other essential things along with you. There are several portable tripods available in the market. Nonetheless, few are worth purchasing. The reason is quite obvious, as the portability of a tripods require to fold it when need to be stored in bag. The low-quality portable tripods might break off after few folding procedures.  Thus, always do some research before buying any product by going through the customers’ reviews or analyzing the features of the products.

1) Amazons Basic 50 inch lightweight Tripod:

  • This Portable tripod is made of aluminium and weighs just over a pound.
  • This comes with a complementary zipped bag hence storing and portability becomes easy and convenient.
  • It comes with both portrait and landscape options.
  • It can extend upto 50 inches and when folded it has a length of 16.5 inches only.
  • A quick release plate helps you in transitions between locations and also in removal of equipment.
  • The purchase price of this Portable Tripod is $16.99 only.
  • 2) Pedco Ultrapod II lightweight camera Tripod:

  • This is both a compact and  lightweight camera Tripod with a weight as light as 119gm.
  • It has fold out legs and vinyl feet,which are  non slippery as well as stable.
  • The price of this amazing PortibleTripod is $19.99 only.
  • A Unique camera mount makes it possible to position camera at any position.
  • It can bear weight upto 6 pounds very conveniently.
  • A D-ring brand cinch straps makes it easy to secure the tripod to railings,tree limbs or any sturdy object.
  • The mounting screw can fit Dslr camera, camcorders or any other devices.
  • 3) Albott 64 Inch Travel  Portable Tripod:

  • This Portable Tripod can be purchased for $30.99 only.
  • This Tripod weights 2.64 pounds and can hold weight upto 8.8 pounds.
  • There is a central column hook which can hang additional accessories.
  • The Tripod has rubber feet for a firm grip while flip-locks for height adjustments.
  • A carrying bag makes it a perfect option for a portable Tripod.
  • The screw mount is quick release and also suitable for all digital cameras.
  • 5) ZOMEI 55″ Compact Lightweight Travel Portable Tripod:

  • It has a greater weight support ,which is upto 11 pounds;Ideal for heavy cameras.
  • A steady platform is provided by the self adjustable legs.
  • The price is $39.99, which is great considering its specifics.
  • A hook on the center column makes it more sturdy and also less prone to vibrations.
  • It’s pan head is adjustable to any equipment size.
  • This Tripod weights  2.2 pounds only as its manufactured with lightweight material.
  • 5) Mactrem PT55 Travel Portable Camera Tripod:

  • The purchase price is $39.99 only.
  • The carrying case and portable design makes it a deal not to miss.
  • The rubber feet contribute to great stability and grip.
  • 4 section lever leg locks accommodates custom setups easily and according to your need.
  • It is a great portable Tripod as it’s made of lightweight aluminium.
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    Why Budgeting is Essential?

    For beginners it is always the initial step to take while starting a career. S/he must be prudent enough to keep the budget in mind and spend the money on the essentials carefully. Only then the sense of achieving goals in the profession shall be learnt. As far as photography is concerned, the professional camera itself is quite expensive. However, the camera is not enough to be the professional. A tripod is also the most important part of the photography as it provides stability to the camera for better results. Thus, to purchase the tripod it is mandatory to opt for a budget-friendly model.

    However, the budget-friendly high-quality tripod is hard to find. For this purpose, give some time to research you have to do in accordance with the purchase of the tripod. You can also check the tripods mentioned above. They are high-quality products available in reasonable price.


    A tripod is the basic need for the photographer. However, the need must cater with the budget that the photographer has, especially for the photographers who tend to travel a lot. Moreover, traveling can be hectic if done with lots of luggage and heavy tripods. Therefore, to make your journey easier we have come with the combination of the best traveling companion as a portable and budget-friendly tripods. These tripods are high-quality products and compact with several other amazing features mentioned above. Also, the reviews about these products from the customers are great as well. So, do not forget to check out the aforementioned products and make your photography experience great.

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