Manfrotto Video Tripod

Manfrotto Video Tripod

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A Video Tripod is your best friend when it comes to getting videography done without going into the trouble of holding the camera for a very long period of time. Not only  a video tripod lessens the hassle of handling but it also helps you keep the camera elevated and stabilized. After All who would want a video with an object shaking after every few minutes as if an earthquake hit it.

Manfrotto Video Tripod- The Game Changer:

There are numerous Video Tripod's available in the market . Manfrotto itself has a wide variety and range of tripods available for you. The exquisite range of Manfrotto tripod will solve all your miseries. You don't have to worry about affordable price and never ending problems of what specifics do you require, Manfrotto video Tripod is here to solve them all.

Manfrotto video Tripod Price range:

A Manfrotto Video Tripod range from anywhere between $170 to $1200. You can choose one considering the specifics you require and the budget you are bounded by. In this Article, I will provide you details about three wide price brackets of manfrotto video tripods.

  1. Best Tripod Under $300
  2. $300-$900
  3. $900+

Manfrotto Video Tripod under $300:

1)  MVKBFR-LIVE - Befree Live:

It is ideal for travelling because of its fluid head, tripod legs, and a carry case. Best recommended to thoses who vlog using cell phones.The portability can be inferred from the fact that it contains a pan bar that can be removed.

  • It will cost you around $171.
  • It comes with 4 stage extendable legs with an angle of 25 degree and 51 degree.
  • The height range from 43cm - 151cm.
  • It is great for those who travel a lot as when folded, it has a weight of 18oo g.
  • Ideal for videography using mobiles.
  • Supports weight upto 8 pounds.
  • Has a flat base of 40mm.

2)Manfrotto Video Tripod in the range of $300 - $900:

MVH500A :

It features a wide platform to provide support to HDSLR form factors.The head has a side lock system.The legs can be adjusted individually and are stable on an uneven surface.

  • Costs around $437.
  • Has support for a 11 pound weight camera.
  • It comes with stage 2 legs.
  • The height ranges from 57cm - 144cm.
  • It has flat and fixed feet, which is a great support to the equipment.
  • lightweight and easy to use for outdoor shoots.
  • The head tilts 360 degree for a panoramic shoot.
  • A padded carry bag is also provided to carry the tripod outdoors easily.

3)Manfrotto Video Tripod in $900+:

Manfrotto 509HD:

509HD provides remarkable stability and security for shots . There is a ball bearing system that ensures smooth moments and supports stills and videos.The advanced Balancing recorder helps the balancing position of your equipment.

  • Available in the market for  £1170.
  • comes with a fluid drag head of  29 pound capacity.
  • Contains a  four drag system counterbalance system.
  • The height ranges from 44.5-168.5.
  • It has 2/3 leg stages.
  • package weight is comparatively heavy ,which is 22lb.
  • The counterbalance system adds security for your equipment.

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