The Best Lightweight Camera Tripod for smartphones


In the world of the internet, everyone is trying to earn online. With the help of making daily Vlogs or sketches for entertainment, the internet has provided the platform to earn a living.

However, it is mandatory to keep the quality of your content upright and good to grasp a bigger audience. For Vlogging it is necessary to have a lightweight camera tripod.

This lightest level tripod shall help in bringing the high-quality in your videos which will up rank your work in the vast world of the internet.

Furthermore, if you are shooting from your smartphone, the video might turn out to be shaky which can cause devastation towards your career as a video maker.

Therefore, always have the best lightweight tripod so you can shoot anytime anywhere without worrying about the quality of the video.

To help you with your career we bring you the collection of the best lightweight travel tripod.





Aketek Gripster Tripod

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KobraTech Cell Phone Tripod Stand

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The Best Flexible Compact Camera Tripod

If you are looking for the best lightweight travel tripod then Aketek Gripster Tripod can be your tripod. The reason to have the lightweight travel tripod is to have the audacity to shoot with your phone anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, if some amazing incident happens or you go on a trip with your friends, then having the lightweight tripod can help you a lot.

Why? Because with the help of the lightweight camera tripod you shall be able to make your memories beautiful and you can show it to the world with confidence.

The above mentioned lightweight travel tripod has amazing features which you definitely check out.


  1. This tripod has the ability to hold cameras of medium and small size. Moreover, it is perfect for smartphones as well.
  2. Furthermore, this tripod has different joints in the legs which make it flexible. Its flexibility helps the photographer to wrap this lightweight tripod on any objects.
  3. Also, the legs of this best lightweight travel tripod have nine joints. These joints can be rotated 360-degrees allowing to be adjusted at any angle.
  4. Most importantly, this lightest level tripod has special buttons which ensures that the camera does not fall. It keeps the camera intact firmly with the lightweight camera tripod.

Aketek Gripster Tripod

Lightweight Camera Tripod

  • “The Best Tripod so far.”

Flexible Tripod for Smartphones: Lightweight Camera Tripod

It is always a blessing to have a tripod with the ability to capture your moments. Moreover, if you like to travel then having a flexible tripod is quite essential.

The Kobra Tech Phone Tripod Stand can be the best option for you while opting out for a smartphone lightweight camera tripod. It brings you amazing features which can be quite helpful during your journey.

Furthermore, their abilities will let you capture moments professionally.


  1. The design of this lightweight camera tripod has been upgraded. It has an amazing ball joint which has improved its grip holding the device.
  2. Moreover, the design of this lightest travel tripod is portable and design. It can fit into any backpack and it is compatible with several smartphones.
  3. Furthermore, this lightweight camera tripod is quite light in weight and it comes with a wireless remote. This remote shall make possible for you to capture pictures with your friend even at 30 feet distance.
  4. Also, the best thing about this tripod is that it comes with a 2-years warranty.

Kobra Tech Phone Tripod Stand

Lightweight Camera Tripod

  • “Nice Basic tripod. Seems to be a solid construction. Remote shudder is vevry nice.”


The lightweight camera tripod can be a great assistance if you like to travel and click photographs. It helps you to click professional images which you can show it off on your social media accounts.

Also, if you like to vlog and do photography for earning and you are at the beginning of the career then having a lightweight camera tripod is essential.

Therefore, we bring you the best lightweight camera tripod collection, so, you can select one according to your needs.

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