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People wonder that why buying DSLR video Tripod is necessary? Nowadays, one can avail one of the powerful photography gears to capture mind-blowing moments. Yes, I am talking about powerful DSLR cameras which can capture images or make video flawlessly.

Then why need a DSLR video tripod for making a video? The reason is that although you can own a powerful DSLR camera stability can only be attained with the help of a video camera stand. Moreover, the video camera on the tripod can help to make by using different angles.

Also, there are tripods which allow in capturing transitions without any hurdle. To avail such techniques a video maker must always consider buying a professional DSLR video tripod.

This will not only provide high quality to the video but also, the audience shall be more focused on the content.  However, buying a video camera stand must always be done with accurate research.

The reason is that there are several tripods on the internet with quite low quality. Such tripods are not worth investing money. Therefore, before buying a video tripod the buyer must always look up to the reviews and the features it contains.

To help you with your best selection of a video camera with a stand, we have enlisted the best DSLR video tripods. The quick list is given below.





SOMITA Professional Video Tripod

 33 Customer Reviews

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Cayer BV30L 72 inch-Tripod 

79 Customer Reviews

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Ravelli Professional Video Tripod

690 Customer Reviews

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COMAN KX3636 Professional Video Tripod

28  Customer Reviews

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The Best Video Camera with stand

The SOMITA Professional Video Tripod is the budget-friendly tripod with great reviews from the customers. Moreover, such an amazing tripod is quite difficult to be found at such a low price.

This tripod is capable of several outstanding functions. To get to know about its functions look up for its features, those are enlisted below.

  • This tripod has the feature of adjusting the camera in no time which has been made possible due to its 2 extra large quick release plate.
  • It is one of the best traveling tripods with great durability and 2-sectioned legs.
  • Also, it is portable with the height of 62” and it is a tripod with 65mm bowl.
  • With the help of the fluid head that comes along with this tripod, the video maker shall be able to do cinematic pan/tilt camera movement.
  • Moreover, the SOMITA tripod is compatible with several devices including; professional digital cameras, video cameras, and GoPro devices.
  • The best thing is that it comes with a carrying bag making the traveling a breeze.

SOMITA Professional Video Tripod

DSLR Video Tripod

  • “So I am really really surprised by this tripod and head. At this price (sub $90) I thought no way is it going to be that great. 
  • Maybe a decent tripod with a crappy head? No, this entire set is good at this price.”

Heavy-Duty DSLR Video Tripod

The Cayer BV30L 72 inch-Tripod is the best professional video tripod for DSLR cameras. If you are looking for the DSLR video tripod under 200 then this tripod is definitely your life savior. What makes it special are its features. These features are enlisted below.

  • This tripod video camera has the capacity to hold weight up to 13.2 lbs and it is specially designed as DSLR video Tripod.
  • It comes with a fluid head with a fixed counterbalance. Moreover, its head has the ability to pan 360-degrees and tilts +90”/-70”.
  • The best thing about this tripod that it comes with 8-years warranty. Also, its height ranges from 33.3” to 72.7”. Furthermore, it comes with a carrying bag for making you packing even more convenient.

Cayer BV30L 72 inch-Tripod

DSLR Video Tripod

  • “I received this tripod in a very timely manner from Cayer Photographic. 
  • This thing is exactly what I needed for all of my photo stuff.
  • I use it for all of my cameras and spotting scope, as well as my chronograph.”

Amazing Travel Video Tripod for Outdoor Shoots  

The Ravelli Professional Video Tripod has been categorized as the best travel video tripod. Due to its functions helps in attracting the customers’ attention. These features are as follows.

  • It is composed of aluminum with Ergonomically styled leg locks. Moreover, it has the maximum height of 72”.
  • Moreover, it comes with 75mm bowl head which allows fluid motion and auto-return drag.
  • It comes with rubber grip and adjustable 11’ pan/tilt handle.
  • Furthermore, this tripod comes with a carrying bag and also, bubble level and rubber feet for more stability.

Ravelli Professional Video Tripod

DSLR Video Tripod

  • “It is a great product.”

Best Aluminum Video Camera Stand

The COMAN KX3636 Professional Video Tripod has the great durability due to its composition. It is composed of aluminum which makes it best for heavy-duty work.

Moreover, it is compatible with lots of devices. Also, it has several other features which will make you buy this tripod immediately.

  • It has the tendency to hold the load up to 13.2 lbs including camcorders and large video cameras.
  • This DSLR video Tripod comes with a head which pans 360-degrees making possible for you to shoot at any angle.
  • Moreover, this tripod has 3-sectioned aluminum legs and a double tandem leg for more stability,
  • This tripod can be adjusted from 33” to 74”.

COMAN KX3636 Professional Video Tripod

DSLR Video Tripod

  • “The COMAN KX3636 tripod costs only one-third as much but works just as well: it is smooth and sturdy. 
  • It also weighs three pounds less, which I appreciate when carrying it to a shoot.”


Want to buy DSLR video tripod but not sure which one to go for? Do not worry; we have enlisted the best video camera stand for you to select the best out the list given above.

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