Best Tripods for Video DSLR That are Easily Adjustable

Having best Tripod for video means that you will eventually be successful in the field of professional shooting. Similarly, if you are a professional photographer than best tripods for video is a must-have for you. Usually, tripods are used for creating some high-resolution images without making them blurred.

Any videographer who is serious about his profession needs to get a best video camera tripod for quality work. Comparatively, this also happens at times that photographers get the most expensive DSLR for themselves and think that they are a pro, whereas professional photography is not possible without a professional video camera tripod.

Here are some options of best tripods for video shooting to choose from. All have them have serious working qualities and a reasonable price which a photographer can afford easily.


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One of the best tripods for video camera which won’t ever disappoint you. It has the ability to bear weight up to 8.8 lbs. The plus point of this tripod for a video camera is that it comes with a fixed counterbalance. Through fixed counter balance you don’t need to worry while tilting it when working with a heavy camera. The minimum height of this tripod is 27.6 inches. Similarly, it can increase the height up to 59 inches which is enough to ask for. The opening of legs has also two stages.

The quick release plate fixed in this best video tripod helps for faster mounting and dismounting. This model of the tripod also comes with a dolly to help you when shooting on a level ground. Magnus VT-4000 with fluid head has many more features in it which you will be amazed to know at such affordable price.

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What makes this tripod best DSLR video tripod is that it can carry most of the cameras and lens. As well as these best tripods for video have the capacity of bearing weight up to 8.8 lbs. It consists of two controllers which are used for panning and tilting the tripod. It is a sturdy tripod made up of aluminum which makes it also best travel video tripod. The tripod is not spreadable but has a 3 stage leg design which makes it a versatile tripod, so you also can get a good grip on the curvy land.

Rubber feet of this best Travel Tripod for video makes it good for the outdoor shooting as it can be fixed on the ground. You also have an option to remove its legs if you want to make it a handy monopod. IT also comes with a padded strap and a carrying case.

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This tripod is a heavy duty tripod used for some serious and quality work. It is not only for DSLR camera but also for camcorders, belongs to the family of best tripod for video. Similarly, this tripod can also bear weight up to 8.8 lbs. as well as it consists of 5 step counterbalancing system. This system is to make sure that you don’t face any kind of troubles when dealing with heavy cameras for shooting and tilting.

The quick release plate of this tripod for video camera has the sliding range of 4.1”. The spreader system in mid-level will provide you stability when shooting on the downside. Easy transport of this tripod becomes easy as it comes with a carrying bag for it. This tripod will be the decision you never regret.

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This is the best tripod for video when it comes to pulling off a tricky shot. It is a lightweight tripod but will make sure that has 15.4 weight capacities for cameras. As well as this tripod is a little expensive but it is worth the price because it is an all-rounder. Film professionals say that it is durable not only for studios but also for field work so it becomes a must-have for professionals. The drag on its head adjusts itself, allowing it for the smooth motion.

Although it is a little expensive the features it offers are more than enough to ask for. As compared to other tripods of the same price, Manfrotto offers you the best quality work.

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Need a convenient while traveling and a tripod which provides quality work at the same time? You need to go for Benro, it will prove itself as the best tripod under 200. Through reviews, we got to know that people say it is good because of its affordable price as well as it works well in the rough situation. The function provided by this best tripod for video is surprisingly good at adjustments. Professional videographers who are very busy with their routines love to work with this tripod as it does not create any kind of troubles during the shoot.

It has both qualities of tilting and panning. Similarly, it is sturdy and portable. Also, you can attach any other tripod head you think is compatible rather than changing your item. The durability and performance of this tripod assure you a quality work for the lifetime.

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This tripod has the quality that it can be adjusted easily and you can set it up quickly for use.  This best video camera tripod supports weight up to 18 pounds. The minimum height of this tripod is 31 inches whereas, it extends to 64 inches. The rubber feet of the tripod help it to get fixed anywhere. As well as the quick release plate in the tripod gives it a firm grip on the place. The body of this tripod is proved superb.

Being one of the best tripods for video it works efficiently in the field. Videography professionals need to try it once in their career. Comparatively, it was very lightweight so you can carry it wherever you want to. This feature also makes it best travel video tripod. But it does not feature as the advanced counterbalance, it’s okay just because you don’t count a single flaw when having so many qualities.

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This tripod has a weight of 13.9 lbs. itself and spreads over to 10.2 x 10.6 x 0.4 inches. Specially designed for professional videographers it has a strong durable body with smooth fluid head. As well as it kills the vibrating movement in between the shoot. It has some serious adjusting qualities which make it different from other tripods. It is a professional video camera tripod with advanced variable friction system.

The release plates of this best tripod for video are secured and also spread to mid-level which is a plus point. It also accommodates plenty of gears due to the previous plus point. This tripod has 4-step counterbalance and 504HD fluid head making it easy for a quick setup. It also consists of handy presets which makes the tripod ready to support the weight of your camera.

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A very lightweight but one of the best tripods for video. This tripod is the cheapest tripod on the list. For the photographers and videographers who cannot afford to have expensive tripods but still they want to give a professional touch in their work, they need to get this tripod. The height range of this tripod is very capable and has got one of the easiest leg adjustment settings in it.

These best tripods for video are not expensive but still, it provides you high-quality professional features in it. Still, you would ask for anything else? I don’t think so. Also mentioning that its legs made up of aluminum can adjust at three angle settings. As well as it has a secure center column with quick-flip leg locks situated in them. It is portable. Because it has not much weight you can easily carry it while traveling and shoot wherever you want.



So here are the some of the best options for you if you want to buy a professional tripod. Some of the tripods are a little expensive because of their high quality. This does not mean makes the ones which are cheap any less but a little bit difference yes. Difference between working with tripod and working without a tripod, you will see yourself once you start using a tripod. Tripod will complement your work and give a complete professional look to your work.

Working with tripod not has only one advantage. Many of them are that your blur images will become high-resolution images. As well as it will stay smooth on the fields you are working.


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