Best Tripods Under $100 of 2019 You Can Buy Online

There is always a need for tripods to take professional pictures. Some may afford the good ones of some may not. Those who can not worry, as there are many Best Tripods Under $100 USD which are quite affordable, as they have good quality.

The trend of taking beautiful photos has been increasing since past few years. The new generation is taking interest in arts and they want to explore the colors through their Hiking Camera TripodWhile these photos would turn out to more beautiful if camera tripods are being used. Therefore, tripods are an essential part of the photography kit. Whether it is a small photography or videography, at some point every one requires tripods.

However, photographers tend to worry more about cameras and their lenses. They forget that the tripod is the tool which makes one a professional photographer or filmmaker. There are many Best Affordable Tripods which one can buy bring the element of professionalism. Affordable does not mean that their quality would of the bad kind. Following are the best tripods under $100 USD with best quality and durability.

These are divided into three main categories;

Each of them is subcategorized individually which are discussed below;

Compact Travel Tripods

The compact tripods come under the category of best tripods under $100 USD because of their feasibility. They are the Best Travel Tripods which are smaller in size. Due to their size, it is convenient to carry them along in a bag while traveling. Following are the subcategories;

1) ​Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod in Gun Metal 

The Slik Pro has new ball head SBH-100DQ along with the quick release system. It has four tripod legs for compactness and it is suitable for traveling. The maximum load capacity of Slik pro is 2 kilogram with the height of 64 inches. Moreover, the three tripods legs are padded for more stability. Slik Pro is available at the price of $69.95.

2) Davis & Sanford TR553-P228 Traverse Super Compact Tripod

It has the built-in grounder aspect through which one can click high-quality photos or make movies at a low angle. Moreover, the three ways fluid head is perfectly suitable for DSLR Camera  (best DSLR tripods under $100). It provides extremely smooth movements for the perfect pan. The three snap leg locks along with the rubber feet are quite adjustable. They have the maximum height of 72 inches along with 2 built-in bubble levels. Furthermore, Davis and Sanford Traverse is available at the price of $69.95.

3) Dolica AX600B250 60-Inch Aluminum Alloy ProlineTraveler Edition Tripod

It is the best travel tripod under $100 USD for travelers who would take on a hike with them to capture beautiful images of nature. The Maximum Height of this tripod is 60 inches with the high-performance ball which is removable. Moreover, it has low angle shots are possible with the removable center column with a carrying bag. The price of Dolica Ax600B250 is $72.72 with the weight of 1.85 KGs.

Best Tripods under $100: Lightweight Tripod

Lightweight tripods are the best tripod under $100 for the travelers. As many travel photographers or photojournalists have to carry their tools for long distance, this would be a good choice. In addition, they have extremely high quality with such price limit and they are quite accessible. Furthermore, the best part of these tripods is that it is capable of sturdy cameras. What a travel photographer needs? A tripod with accessibility, carrying case and high-quality definition, these all qualities are available in a lightweight tripod.

1) ​Koolehaoda K-666 Portable Camera Aluminium Tripod Monopod with Ball Head Pocket

The Koolehaoda K-666 is quite light in weight and portable. It has ¼” screw and very suitable for every SLR camera. Moreover, it has the horizontal panoramic head supporting 360-degree rotation. Along with that, it also has one leg which can be used as a monopod. It has removable and quick release plate and it is available at the price of $82.88.

2) Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod

The Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod has an elegant look and it is quite portable. Furthermore, it does not cause one huge amount of money with various features. It offers photo-movie selector which can quickly change modes. Moreover, it does not require a screwdriver for attachment and it has an adapter for cameras with higher resolution. The Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod is available at the price of  $62.99 which is quite affordable and it is the best camera tripods under $100

3) Benro Compact Digital Tripod Kit A100EXU

Benro Compact Digital kit is the best tripod under $100 USD as it is light in weight with a larger scope. Moreover, it is suitable for attaching it with high wide angle lens for capturing landscapes. Therefore, it is perfect for the people who are looking for Light Weight Tripods for traveling purposes.  The weight of Benro Compact Digital Tripod is 0.9 Kg and it is available at the price $60.

4) Zomei Q555 Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Camera Tripod

The Zomei Q-555 Is the best light in weight tripod with unique leg position. It allows the camera to stay steady at restricted spaces or uneven surfaces. Moreover, it also allows gliding in and out with perfect ease and it has a 360-degree panoramic dial. Due to its lightweight and low price which is $75.99, every photographer would definitely go after this Best Video Tripod Under $200.

5) Polaroid Studio Series 64″ Professional Tripod

The Polaroid Studio Tripod comes with an attached head which is extremely smooth allowing rotation. Also, it comes with dual bubble levels and capable of handling eight pounds. Moreover, it has four fully sectioned adjustable legs and comes with retractable spikes allowing more support. This tripod which allows faster and easier height adjustments is available at the price of $64.99.

Heavy Duty Tr​ipods

The heavy-duty tripods, as the name indicates, have the purpose of handling large scoped cameras. Although they have the capacity to hold large scope cameras, they still are portable. Moreover, they provide high image stabilization for the travels that would prefer this kind of tripod. They have long-term durability and high stability and they utilize special kind of head. One of the known heavy-duty tripods is discussed below;

Ravelli APGL4 New Professional 70″ Tripod

The Ravelli Tripod has the high quality of sturdiness which compensates entry-level to professional level gear. As it is a heavy duty tripod, it weighs 3.6 KGs with a unique pistol grip ball head attached to it. Moreover, it has the retractable spikes which allow more support even in restricted spaces. The feet are spiky, made of rubber and available at the price of $96.96.


Photography is the aspect of the field which is trending as a hobby or a profession. Many of the photographers are so passionate that take their beyond of everyone’s reach. They not only present the world every aspect of life but also present the meaning of it. To do that, they travel and research by exploring every inch of the globe. With all these efforts to be made by them, it is essential to have a good tripod in their photography kit. A quality tripod provides stability to the photographer’s work and makes it look professional. It does not mean that a photographer should make a hole in his wallet for buying a tripod. A low budget tripod is also available in the market. Most of them are under $100 USD. Even though the low budget tripods, yet they have high quality and stability. For more related articles please visit, My Travel Tripod.

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