8 Best Lightweight Tripods For Backpacking

You know you are a professional photographer when it comes to choosing a tripod for traveling and you get frustrated over it. The reason is that the heavy tripods are good at holding your camera as compared to lightweight tripods. Whereas, lightweight tripods are much easy to carry while traveling as you will never want to ruin your trip because of heavy luggage.

Lightweight camera tripods are basically also called the travel tripods because of their weight and compatibility for traveling. So these tripods should have some features like lightweight, compact, portable at the same time. Some lightweight tripods can be folded into half of their length so you can easily put it up in your backpack. They can be one of in which legs that fold up around the center column or the one in which center column drops down between legs.

Basically, these camera tripods don’t have the actual height as compared to the big professional tripods. But still, this does not make them any less. You will realize the worth and importance of a lightweight camera tripod when shooting outdoor on an uneven terrain. Here are some of the best options of lightweight tripods for the casual and professional photographers.

  • Gitzo GK1545T-82TQD
    Lightweight Tripods

It is the best lightweight carbon fiber tripod with ball head. As well as it is the best companion for your camera while traveling. Comparatively, legs of this professional tripod are narrower but can still maintain cameras of heavyweight. The odd-formed head of this tripod is curvy to come up with the legs when transformed for transport. Load capacity of this travel lightweight tripod is 22 lb. Coming to the maximum height of this tripod which is 64.4 whereas the minimum height of the tripod is 12.6 inches. Tripod can be folded when you have less space in the bag to 16.7 inches as well. Mentioning that tripod leg has 4 sections and the weight of the tripod is 3.2 lb.

  • Sirui T-005KX
    Lightweight Tripods

This shooting tripod with ball head will be a little costly but has some more extra features which are not provided by other tripods. This tripod is one of the lightweight tripods that along with the ball head it just weighs 1.9 pounds. You can also fold this tripod up to 12 inches but it spreads up to 54 inches when you feel like opening it. The legs lock have three of different angles whereas, you also have an option to remove the center column when taking low shots. The stability of this tripod is good on the uneven terrain and windy weather. It has foam on the grips which will avoid the freezing on your hands.

  • Benro FTA28CV1
    Lightweight Tripods

This is a true professional tripod as it has many features of a full-size tripod as well as with its lightweight. Similarly load capacity of this tripod is 22 lbs. and is able to carry a DSLR easily. Monopod from this tripod can also be formed when you remove the center column and attach it to a removable leg of the tripod. Comparatively, this tripod has a panning lock along with the pull-and-twist safety which will prevent your camera from the sudden drops. The maximum height of this tripod is 66.9 inches whereas the minimum height is 18.7 inches. The folded length of the tripod is calculated up to 24.6 inches for your comfort. Also, the weight of the tripod itself is 4 lb.

  • Oben CT-3535
    Lightweight Tripods

Talking about a stylish tripod you need to count on Oben twice. The manufacturer has tried to combine many of the features in a single tripod and he actually succeeded doing this. But the thing is that this professional tripod is made up of small Camera setups. You can turn this tripod into a monopod or a selfie stick too. It comes along with its tools, carrying bag and a quick release plate. It also has a separate log for panning. The measurements and weight info about this lightweight tripod is load capacity is 9 lbs. Whereas, max height goes up to 51.6 inches and minimum height can be 8.6 inches. Also, it can be folded to 12 inches. A weight of this tripod itself is only 2.5 lbs.

  • Manfrotto 190Go
    Lightweight Tripods

Just have a look at this stylish aluminum made tripod and ball head, don’t you think that the manufacturer has spent quite a lot of time in designing this tripod? This lightweight tripod has been on the top list of professional photographers. As it has a number of qualities in it. Design of this tripod allows you to fold it quickly to 90 degrees while shooting. Even the leg locks of this tripod are a piece of art. Everyone wants a good looking tripod with a number of features present in it, this is the one you need to go for.

Features of this aluminum tripod include a 3-way head, ball head of carbon-fiber or carbon 3-way option also. Maximum load capacity of this tripod is 13.2 lb. Whereas, a maximum height of the tripod is 61.4 inches. Also, the minimum height of this tripod comprises 2.75 inches. Isn’t it a good difference when it comes to folding it and keeping in your backpack. It has 4 leg sections and the weight of the tripod itself is 4.6 lb.

MeFOTO Lightweight Tripod
Lightweight Tripods

This tripod not only comes with some serious number of features but also a range of 10 colors. If you are a girl who needs some funky suggestions for the products, this tripod is definitely a must-have for you. It is a tripod which will successfully manage a space for itself in your backpack. The leg of this tripod which is foam cushioned can be removed in order to make it a selfie stick or a monopod. But for this purpose make sure that you attach the leg from the center column. The tripod head fixed on the top has separate adjustments for friction and panning.

Similarly’ the load capacity of this professional tripod is 17.6 lbs. The height of this tripod comprises 61.6 inches as a max and 15.4 inches as a min. The length of the tripod shrinks to 15.4 inches when folded. As well as it has 5 leg sections. Last but not the least the weight of this tripod which makes it super easy to carry while traveling is 3.6 lbs.

  • Manfrotto BeFree Color
    Lightweight Tripods

As the name suggests we all get to know that it comes in different colors. But mentioning in what colors it is available are, blue, gray, green and red. People who have their favorite color on the list need to get this tripod for themselves in that specific color. The body of this tripod is designed perfectly for small DSLR cameras and mirrorless setups. One leg of the tripod has a rubber cover on it for your comfort and a better grip on it. Also, the design of these leg locks is so cool. A quick release plate is also fixed in the tripod, also this tripod comes along with its own bag.

This is a carbon version lightweight tripod as compared to the ones made up of aluminum. Load capacity of this tripod is 8.8 lb. the maximum height of the tripod you will observe is 56.7 inches, more than enough for upper angle shoots. Also, the minimum height of this tripod is 13.4 inches. It comes up with 16.1 inches when folded. Tripod comprises of 4 leg sections and its weight is 3.1 lb.

  • Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 Lightweight Tripod
    Lightweight Tripods

A capacity of its load bearing is a little high as compared to other lightweight tripods. A surprising thing about this tripod is that it comprises of some features which are usually found in full-sized tripods only. A leg in this tripod is folded in foam for the comfort of its user. As well as, you can set the legs of this tripod on three different angles when shooting. You can reverse the center column of the tripod while shooting on lower positions. The tripod has also a bag of itself for carrying.

You can get another model of Davis and Sanford tripods which is TR-553-228 if you want something more compatible than this one. Load capacity of this lightweight tripod as mentioned before is a little more which is 12 lb. Maximum height of the tripod will be 65 inches whereas the minimum height of this tripod will be 9 inches. Similarly, this tripod has 4 leg sections and weight of the tripod itself is 3.25 lb.


All these tripods are the ones you can count on fingers when counting lightweight tripods. Lightweight tripods are equally useful for professional and casual photographers. The reason is no one wants to carry heavy things when traveling. So every photographer will prefer a lightweight tripod when it comes with such features. They are not same as full-sized tripods but the manufacturer has tried his best in each tripod to adjust more features. We are looking forward to every feature available in a single lightweight tripod same as full-sized tripods.


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