72″ Inch Elite Series Professional Heavy Duty Convertible Tripod/Monopod for DSLR Cameras/Camcorders & eCostConnection Microfiber Cloth

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Tripod 72 ”
– It’s perfect for video and still cameras. It has a carrying handle, a central pole hook and padded upper foam legs. It has a quick release plate for easy removal from your camera. The tripod has non-slip swivel feet, two spirit levels and comes with a handy carrying case. Product Specifications:
– Carrying handle
– Central Posthook
– Padded foam legs
– Quick release button
– Rotating anti-slip feet
– Two dragonfly indicators
– Waterproof carrying bag
– Aluminum alloy legs with 2 sections
– 3-way swivel head with tilt movement
– Robust central trunk support
– Lightweight and compact design
– 72 “high, but collapses to 26”
– 26 “underbody

72 “monopod
– Quick change head
– Fully upholstered handle
– rubber leg top with lace
– Quick action locks – 4 aluminum alloy sections
– Lightweight and compact design
– 72 “high, but collapses to 21.5”
– 21.5 “lower from the ground – Universal Camera Stand

Microfiber clothing
– Especially effective in dry application to remove oil and fingerprints quickly and easily by moving. It can also be used with or without cleaning solutions.